Winter check your round baler

Reliability is one of the most important requirements of your baler-wrapper combination. The machine is needed every minute of the short time window. Nothing is more frustrating than downtime in the middle of the harvest period. Therefore preventive maintenance in a quiet period of the year is highly recommended. 

Preventive maintenance pays off

Replacing parts and replenishing oils and lubricants during maintenance is significantly cheaper than performing repairs that result from deferred or overdue maintenance. Thanks to good and timely maintenance you save costs in the long run. 

Winter Checklist for combi balers 

What exactly needs to be done during a check is listed in the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions and maintenance intervals. These can be found in the user manual of your machine. To make it even easier for you, we provide you a Winter Checklist for KUHN FBP and VBP combi balers.  

Download the PDF and you will know exactly which points to check and where to find additional information.  

Checklist KUHN FBP 

Checklist KUHN VBP 

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