Kuhn Feeder Finance Offers

Kuhn Center Ireland are now currently running a special offer with our Kuhn Dealers on Kuhn Profile Feeders. When you purchase a Kuhn Profile Feeder in October or November you will receive a set of eight Carbide Knives at no extra cost until the 30th of November, 2023. Our dealers have flexible finance plans in place with DLL Finance where you can pay for the machine in a suitable manner. To find your nearest Kuhn Dealer please click here.

More than ever, farmers need an efficient feeding system on a technical, nutritional and economic level. Kuhn produce the Profile feeder range on the strength of its international experience in design, development and distribution to meet farmers needs.

Farmers can now adapt the quantity of each ration component to the needs of the animal group with their accurate weighing system. The feeders can quickly chop whole bales and pit silage down to the optimum length recommended by specialists. The feed is then evenly mixed and distributed to livestock ensuring all animals are getting enough feed. The Profile range mixing auger was designed for chopping performance and mixing wetter fodders such as maize evenly with silage.

Kuhn offer compact-sized feeder wagons which can operate in all types of farm buildings. These machines can manage easily in tight spaces which makes it easier to manoeuvre around farmyards and feeding passages.

Depending on the specification farmers can purchase a multitude of distribution possibilities such as direct feeding, tilting conveyors, cross conveyors, at the front, rear or right and left side. The distribution is even and regular to avoid competition.

If you think the Profile Feeder Wagon is the machine for you, please click here to find a suitable model.