Silage Season 2023 Starts

The KUHN FBP 3135 Baler/Wrapper Combination was seen in action last week in County. Kilkenny. The machine was sold by KUHN dealer Cooke Agri our newest dealer in 2023. As expected the machine preformed exceptionally well producing top quality firm round bales. The balers key features were captured in the video below.

Key Features

INTEGRAL Rotor Technology

This simple, maintenance-free intake system guarantees an enormous throughput capacity at all times. The short distance between the rotor and pick-up tines maintains consistent crop flow. The design of this force-fed intake makes higher forward speeds possible for increased productivity and reduced crop damage.

TWIN-reel film binding system

Film binding system uses two regular 750 mm stretch-film rolls. Using regular wrapping film enables you to use a much higher pre-stretch ratio compared to conventional wide film binding systems.  This eliminates the need for special wide film, which simplifies your inventory management. Film binding improves the silage quality, bale shape, stability and opening of the bale.

3D Wrapping

This is an intelligent way of applying stretch film to bales. This system distributes the film quantity more uniformly and efficiently across the entire surface of the bale. 3D wrapping applies film where its most needed around the bale shoulders for example. The cylindrical wrapping system ensures more air is excluded retaining shape during storage.


The redesigned heart of the baler consists of 18 POWERTRACK rollers. The 18 renewed POWERTRACK rollers have symmetrical profiles which generate exceptionally high density and reliable bale rotation in all crop conditions. All rollers are made of 3.2 mm thick high-strength steel which are roll-formed and laser-welded on only one side for optimal durability. In addition, minimum of space between the rollers reduces crop loss.



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