High quality distribution for local authorities

Mounted salt and sand spreaders with a capacity of 250 to 360 l for a maximum load of 500 kg. Easy to use and convenient for local authorities or maintenance services, it is suitable for small size, low-power tractors.


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People's safety is priceless! That is why we have developed a full range of spreaders especially for winter road management. The high-quality design and use of stainless steel for many parts ensure that salt and sand spreaders have a long service life. VSA spreaders are mainly intended for local authorities, industrial sites and maintenance services, as they are well adapted to small tractors. Thanks to their scope of use, their simple maintenance and their robustness, these spreaders provide peace of mind.

Your Benefits

The versatility of a machine adapted to your needs

Adapt the drive to your needs

You can choose a mechanical or hydraulic drive according to your needs. This ensures flexible and effective interventions with different vehicles and more application areas.

Match the distribution to the product to distribute

The hopper base, fitted with stainless steel outlets is adjustable: whatever the product, distribution is easily adapted. You also have the possibility to spread on a single side.

Benefit of customized specific equipment

For sticky products that don’t flow easily, such as a mixture of salt and sand, the special agitator ensures a regular flow of the product through the outlets. A wide range of remote outlet controls are available: remote cable, electric or hydraulic cylinder. Equipment for optimal adaptation depending on the tractor. A filter sieve holds stones, clods and other foreign objects for effective protection of the hopper bottom. Finally, road lighting is important and ensures safe transport.

High quality distribution

Regular flow ensured

The hopper walls are designed to reduce the possibilities of products which don’t flow easily to build up. A real asset for quality work!

Fully controlled spreading

The adjustable deflectors in stainless steel allow adapting instantaneously the spreading width. As with the hopper, they can easily be removed without tools for full cleaning after work with the VSA salt and sand spreader.

User-friendly lasting spreader

Fast and precise settings

Quick adjustment of the spreading rate thanks to a mobile stop and the finely graduated plate. A lever controls the opening and closing of the outlets. If necessary, you may of course only spread on the left or right side.

Easy maintenance

It only takes a few minutes to disassemble the essential components of the VSA salt and sand spreader: cleaning and maintenance are greatly facilitated. In addition, the drive housing does not require any maintenance.


Technical characteristics

VSA 121VSA 250VSA 360VSA 360 HVSA 360 H 200
Working width (m)0.80-5.000.80-5.000.80-6.000.80-5.000.80-5.00
Hopper capacity (l)120360
Maximum authorized carrying capacity (kg)180500
Maximum capacity (l)180250360360360
Maximum loading capacity (kg)180500500500500
Hopper diameter (m)7788100100100
Filling height (m)82107118118118
Application rate controlWith lever on graduated adjustment plate With lever on graduated adjustment plate With lever on graduated adjustment plate With lever on graduated adjustment plate With lever on graduated adjustment plate
Hitch3 point Cat 1NCat 1Cat 1Cat 1Cat 1
Hopper sieveAs standardAs standardAs standardAs standardAs standard
Rear road lights
Weight (kg)55110120120120