The ultimate in power and versatility

Welcome to a new league of combi balers! Discover the VBP 7100 series variable baler-wrapper combinations, the most powerful and versatile machines you have ever experienced.

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The VBP 7160 and VBP 7190 stand out with their great versatility and performance in various conditions. These baler-wrapper combinations produce straw bales with the highest density on the market. But they can also handle short wet silage crops in autumn conditions, all thanks to the patented* i-DENSE density regulation system which ensures an optimal bale start and baling pressure. The intake system with up to 23 knives enables a wide range of cutting lengths. Equipped with the optional KUHN TWIN-reel film binding system, the machine becomes even more versatile in silage conditions. The durable, heavy-duty construction ensures maximum capacity, from intake to wrapping. The heavy-duty bale chamber, rollers and drive components are a solid basis for a long lifetime of the baler. Combined with a reinforced BalePack frame and an extra-large tandem, the VBP 7100 series clearly show off their position in the highest tier of the combi balers league.

Your Benefits

Intake performance

Optimal crop pick up

All VBP models feature a wide cam-steered pick-up with heavy crop roller with a wind guard (diameter: 217 mm). The pick-up is designed to maximize the full capacity of the machine. With a working width of 230 cm, the machine is capable of working in all windrows and will not let you down, even in the toughest conditions. Straight pick-up tines help release the crop and reduce crop wrapping. Camless-shaped crop guides result in more aggressive and efficient pick up. A cam track pulls the tines straight down in the rearward position to avoid wrapping, making this the only hybrid pick-up on the market today. The pick-up features standard a pendulum frame and optional pivoting pick-up wheels to allow the pick-up to adapt to changing field conditions.

Choose one of our 3-tine INTEGRAL ROTORS: the 14- knife or 23-knife OPTICUT cutting rotor.


The entire VBP range is equipped with our INTEGRAL ROTOR Technology. This simple, maintenance-free intake system guarantees an enormous throughput capacity at all times. The short distance between the rotor and pick-up tines maintains consistent crop flow. The design of this force-fed intake makes higher forward speeds possible for increased productivity and reduced crop damage.
The INTEGRAL ROTOR has rotor tines made out of HARDOX® wear plates. HARDOX combines extreme hardness and toughness to reduce rotor tine wear. Longer wearing life of the rotor tines will help to provide time and money savings for the operator.


KUHN OPTICUT (OC) cutting rotors are designed for unlimited intake capacity and excellent cutting quality. OC cutting rotors, with patented* elliptical-shaped rotor tines, are acknowledged by users as one of the best cutting systems on the market. The silage is guided and drawn down to the knives from an early stage which improves flow and cutting performance while requiring minimal force – this also prevents unwanted blockages.

The INTEGRAL ROTOR, with the 14-knife OPTICUT system, is designed to even out the swath and force-feed the crop into the baler for maximum throughput. The 14-knife OPTICUT cutting system provides a theoretical cutting length of 70 mm. Each single knife is spring-protected against damage from foreign objects. With GROUP SELECTION, the operator can choose to have 0, 4, 7, 7, or 14 knives in operation.

The INTEGRAL ROTOR with the 23-knife OPTICUT system has the benefits of intensive cutting and mechanical protection. The 23-knife OPTICUT system provides a theoretical cutting length of 45 mm. Each single knife is spring-protected against damage from foreign objects. With GROUP SELECTION, the operator can choose to have 0, 7, 11, 12, or 23 knives in operation.

GROUP SELECTION enables easy knife changing and improved driver comfort.

Fully automatic rotor deblock system

The baler’s overload protection clutch activates whenever the baler’s intake gets obstructed by the amount of crop to be fed in. The DROPFLOOR automatically lowers and the knives are retracted. The operator is informed about the ongoing process via the terminal. After the PTO is re-engaged, the rotor restarts and the crop is guided unobstructed into the bale chamber, the DROPFLOOR and knives automatically return to their position.

Consistent, high-density bales

i-DENSE System - Intelligent Density

The patented* i-DENSE system automatically adapts the baling pressure according to the different crops and crop conditions, without the interference of the driver. The system consists of a moisture sensor combined with an intelligent twin-tension arm system for optimal tension distribution. Resulting in the most economical use of your baler without compromising on performance.

Fast, perfect bale formation

Thanks to the unique mix of the i-DENSE system and the proven 4 belt + 3 roller design of the bale chamber, the baler offers fast, secure and consistent bale formation in any crop condition, even in silage. The aggressive profile of the top chamber roller improves crop contact and reduces crop loss. The front segment of the baler is fitted with a large smooth roller and driven cleaning roller that prevents from crop build up at the front of the machine. The unique mix of the KUHN i-DENSE system, the PROGRESSIVE DENSITY system and smart bale chamber design guarantees perfect bale formation every time.

Quickest tailgate operation

The VBP 7100 balers feature the quickest tailgate operation and bale transfer in its segment; the wrapping can start very soon after baling is finished.

Fast and reliable bale transfer

To minimize idle time and maximize output, a rapid bale transfer is required. The side guide protection plates ensure a rapid and secure bale transfer even when working in steep or sloping fields. The 4-belt wrapping table with 2 large rollers and 4 side cones provide maximum bale traction, even bale rotation and proper film overlap, regardless of the bale shape. The improved ‘twin loading fork’ system offers a faster bale transfer of up to 30%.

Excellent binding & wrapping

KUHN TWIN-reel film binding system

The highest silage quality at the lowest costs. KUHN’s patented* TWIN-reel film binding allows you to benefit from all the advantages of film binding while significantly reducing your film costs. The crucial point is the use of two regular 750 mm stretch-film rolls instead of special wide mantle film.

Using regular wrapping film enables you to use a much higher pre-stretch ratio compared to conventional wide film binding systems. This reduces your film binding costs by 37% and extends the film change intervals by another 30%.

The KUHN binding system uses the same film rolls as used for wrapping. This eliminates the need for special wide mantle film, which simplifies your inventory management.

The film and net binding systems are two separate systems, which enable the operator to carry both film and net at the same time. Switching between the two is quick and easy – you don’t have to change rolls and there are no tools needed.

Guaranteed binding start

The starting string of the film ensures secure binding and a reliable start-up in all circumstances, resulting in minimum downtime. Regardless of rain or hilly terrain, the binding will start. The two strings of film ensure the binding material is applied on top of the bale. It is not neccesary to feed some extra material in the chamber at this point.

From being pulled in as a string, the film quickly reaches the full width of the bale. Another film saving compared to a conventional wide mantle film system!

Constant net tension and spreading

The net binder with active stretch technology ensures a firm bale shape with constant net tension throughout the entire binding cycle. The net is fed into the front of the bale chamber to ensure it is taken by the bale immediately.

KUHN’s innovative design maintains constant net tension during the binding process. The net wrap system runs at a lower speed than the bale’s rotational speed to be able to consistently stretch the net up to 10% without breaking it. The pre-stretched net results in a bale that will hold its density. The net binding system spreads the net to the corners of the bale to prevent air pockets once the bale is wrapped, which will preserve the forage quality for longer.


For good preservation, the number of layers of wrapping film is very important. It should
be adapted to the humidity of the crop and the desired storage time. With standard wrapping systems, you can only wrap an even number of layers. But sometimes you need an odd number. With the unique INTELLIWRAP technology you can determine exactly what your bale needs with one layer more or less (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…). You don’t waste film and you use just enough to keep feed quality high during bale storage.

3D wrapping

KUHN’s 3D wrapping is an intelligent and innovative way of applying stretch film to round bales. It distributes the total film quantity more uniformly and efficiently across the entire surface of the bale. 3D wrapping will first apply the film where it is most needed: the vulnerable bale shoulders. The cylindrical wrap ensures that more air is excluded and that the bale retains its shape, even after long storage periods.

Use of KUHN’s 3D wrapping and film binding systems provides well-shaped, tightly sealed bales that will maintain silage quality over long storage periods. Add the INTELLIWRAP technology and you are able to determine the required number of film layers exactly.


Technical characteristics

Bale chamber dimension (width x diameter) (cm)120X90-185
Bale chamber1 standard roller - 2 bale chamber rollers - 4 endless belts
Bale chamber configurationsecond drive as standard
Proportional valve soft coreelectronic pressure setting in cab as standard
Wrappable size balesfrom 1,00m to 1,60m (transfer bales up to max 1,85m)
Adjustable wrapper tower for bales >1,60mas standard
Transport width (cm)299 (320 on 600/50R22.5 wheels) When equipped with 600/50R22.5 wheels, the transport width exceeds 3,00m. Check your national road safety regulation if this is permitted.
Transport height (cm)320
Transport length (cm)790
Teardrop plateas standard
Automatic chain oiling systemas standard (BEKA-MAX continuous chain oiler with 8l reservoir)
Automatic central greasingwith reservoir as standard
Pick-up width (cm)230
Number of pick-up tine bars5
Pick-up crop rolleras standard with large diameter (217mm)
DROPFLOOR technologyas standard, GROUP SELECTION OC 14: 0/4/7/7/14 as standard, GROUP SELECTION OC 23: 0/7/11/12/23
Automatic rotor DEBLOCK (includes automatic knife cleaning)as standard
Theoretical cutting length (mm)OC 14: 70 , OC 28: 45
Knife protectionindividual spring protected
Rotor disengagementmanual
Net storage1+1 storage
Film roll magazineclosed storage up to 10 rolls as standard
ISOBUS compatibleas standard
Baling pressure settingas standard
Humidity sensori-DENSE
Wrapper systemtwin satellite with 2 x 750mm pre-stretchers
INTELLIWRAPas standard
Wrapping table4 belts
Kit for 1/2 table speed to work with one roll of filmas standard
Automatic stop by end of film / tearas standard
Pre-stretch ratioas standard 70% (60% optional)
Minimum required tractor hydraulic connections1 double and 1 single acting acting with a 3/4 inch free return
Oil flow and pressure required40-60 l/min at 180 bar
Load sensing kitas standard
Minimum PTO power requirement kW(hp)110(150)
Overload protectioncam clutch
Vision packas standard
Road lightsas standard
Drawbarstandard height adjustable, upper and lower attachment possible
Weight min - max (kg)6875-7900