A range to deal with any situation

TRP over-ground shredders are designed to shred your vine shoots and other prunings efficiently and quickly, even in difficult or stony conditions.


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The shredding of prunings has many agronomic advantages, thus becoming essential in the management of vines and orchards. Indeed, prunings provide an ideal environment for the development of parasites and diseases. Fine shredding preserves the health of plantations by increasing the contact area between matter and microorganisms: pests have neither the time nor the space to grow. With the RT and CV versions of the TRP, it is also possible to harvest the shredded material of the prunings. This helps reduce the risk of wood diseases, but can also be a source of green energy. Produced on the farm and usable as heating fuel, shredded material provides an economical energy resource. A real alternative to fuel or electricity, the use of this resource contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Your Benefits

Robust shredders for every situation

Choose robustness and resistance with the TRP range

The thick sections give the shredder a rigid structure. The lower part of the shredder is consolidated to withstand the impacts of foreign objects and a sheet metal lining is welded to the shredding casing. The opening rear hood enables you to change the shredding tools easily. Therefore, you can make quick progress to maintain a high output. The oversized drive chain can withstand heavy stress, particularly under difficult conditions. There are two pick-up drive versions available: The mechanical drive comes with a torque limiter that protects all components (friction limiter on TRP 120/145/175). The hydraulic drive is fitted with an oil flow adjustment valve. The free wheel in the gearbox ensures a longer life of the belts and full protection of the drive components. The constant lubrication of the system greatly reduces maintenance costs.

The 175 PRO REV: you will appreciate its shredding of large branches

With the TRP 175 PRO REV shredder, you can quickly overcome the largest volumes of residues and thick branches – it is perfectly suited to olive or citrus groves. It can be installed on the front or rear as well as on reverse drive-station tractors, and has a single rotor (457 mm in diameter) equipped with heavy hammer knives mounted on reinforced holders. The toothed heavy hammer knife holders that are welded on the rotor tube in a helical arrangement, uniformly grab the wood residues and keep them inside the chopping chamber until fine shredding is achieved. In addition – when shredding large rows or large-size prunings – the toothed holders act as fixed blades. Finally, with three counter blades further improving the shredding quality, you obtain a fine shredding result in a single pass.

Collect the shredded material with the TRP CV and TRP RT shredders

Following shredding, harvesting of branches can be a green and economical energy resource on the farm if they are used as heating fuel. A rotor with eight-rows of heavy hammer knives driven at high speed and a shredding casing with four aggressive counter blades ensure exceptional shredding for both ranges. Regarding harvesting, TRP CV shredders are equipped with a chute that can be steered according to your trailer positioning possibilities. The chute cap is adjusted hydraulically to control the flow of material. TRP RT shredders come with a nylon bag harvesting system with a capacity of 800 litres. You store the shredded material directly in a perforated bag that will limit fermentation (patented material). You can then drop the filled bags on the ground or load them directly onto a trailer.

Choose a machine adapted to stony plots

Cope with stony situations with the TRP range!

Your shredder adapts to different situations; in flat grassy fields, the height is adjusted by a roller: the machine remains stable when passing over ruts. On stony ground, fixed or semi-pivoting wheels absorb the shocks of uneven terrain. In very stony fields, the pick-up can be fitted with collecting tines (optional equipment). It is held off the ground to avoid collecting stones. For a more precise use, the tines are adjustable in height.

Controlled height with the TRP PRO REV, TRP CV and TRP RT ranges

On the TRP PRO REV, TRP CV and TRP RT ranges, you can choose between two height control devices: fixed side wheels or a roller of diameter 180 mm with removable ends.

Choose a reliable shredder in the TRP range

Continued fine shredding of prunings

No shoots are left on the ground. The pick-up rakes the residues effectively into the reinforced casing. The eight-row rotor, equipped with forged hammer knives in a helical layout, improves residue suction and ensures a fine and uniform shredding of branches and wood up to 10 cm in diameter. The shredded material passes through the casing only when it has reached an adequate size: it is evacuated through the grid calibrated with 35 mm diameter holes. The homogeneous distribution of shredded residues over the entire working width contributes to their good decomposition.

Two types of gearboxes are available as standard: a gearbox with two output shafts (1 for the rotor, 1 for the pick-up) on the mechanical version; a gearbox with one output shaft on the hydraulic version


Technical characteristics

Models95120145175175 PRO REV120 RT145 RT/CV175 RT/CV
Working width (m)0.951.201.451.731.731.201.451.73
Overall width (m)1.211.461.722.002.001.651.902.18
Min.tractor power requirement (kW/hp) 44/6051/7059/8066/9066/9051/7059/8066/90
Max authorized DIN motor power at 1,000 min (kW/hp)88/12088/12088/12088/120110/15088/12096/13096/130
Lateral offset (mm)
Height adjustment by roller with removable ends, rigid or semi-pivoting wheels by roller with removable ends, rigid or semi-pivoting wheelsby roller with removable ends, rigid or semi-pivoting wheelsby roller with removable ends, rigid or semi-pivoting wheelsby rigid wheels or rollerby rigid wheels or rollerby rigid wheels or rollerby rigid wheels or roller
Type of toolsHeavy hammer knivesHeavy hammer knivesHeavy hammer knivesHeavy hammer knivesHeavy hammer knivesHeavy hammer knivesHeavy hammer knivesHeavy hammer knives
Number of tools1216202424162024
Rotor speed (min)218821882188218831002600/32502600/32502600/3250
Free wheelIntegrated in main gearboxIntegrated in main gearboxIntegrated in main gearboxIntegrated in main gearboxIntegrated in main gearboxIntegrated in main gearboxIntegrated in main gearboxIntegrated in main gearbox
Number of belts33454345
Outer rotor diameter (mm)467467467457470470470470
Bag volume (l)800 (only RT)800 (only RT)800 (only RT)
Max bag load (kg)500/1102 (only RT)500/1102 (only RT)500/1102 (only RT)
Weight with equipment (kg)6257909501075105010701200/10001300/1100