Small and efficient shredders!

TL shredders, available in 3 working widths, are intended for the maintenance of parks and gardens. They were developed for use with small-tractors. Their design and specific tools ensure quality shredding of lawns and green spaces.


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Appropriate management of lawns and green spaces is an integral part of landscape maintenance. Fine and uniform shredding allows better material decomposition and its transformation into humus. It also helps to control certain pests, diseases and weeds, thus protecting the environment.

Your Benefits

A range designed for small tractors

Adapted for use with small tractors

The TL models were designed to adapt to small tractors with a 3-point attachment cat. 1 or 1N. For the 150 and 180 models, the hitch than can also be offset.

Ideal for shredding green spaces

Choose a tool specific for grass areas

The roller, 90 mm in diameter, allows you to control the cutting height. Its advanced position, close to the rotor, ensures excellent shredder ground following for a precise cut of the grass. During work, the roller is self-cleaned by the tools (knives). Finally, the shredded residues are projected over the roller to avoid compaction of the shredded grass and thus promote its decomposition.

Benefit from high quality shredding

Benefit from high quality mowing and shredding

The presence of many specific knives ensures a quality mowing. A straight, welded counter-blade, located in the casing, also improves the shredding quality.


Technical characteristics