The versatile mechanical seeding combination

The SITERA integrated mechanical seed drill has a working width of 3.00m. It is compatible with HR 3020 / 3030 / 3040 power harrows and CD 3020 disc combinations. The SITERA seed drill comes with seeding units with Suffolk coulters, double-disc coulters or SEEDFLEX.

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The SITERA seed drill is a very easy-to-handle machine with centralised, continuous adjustment of seeding depth. You can control the machine using an ISOBUS CCI terminal, the tractor’s ISOBUS terminal or the new VT 30 terminal. The new design, perfect visibility, balanced load distribution and forward-set hopper are all elements designed to give you a pleasant-driving experience, both at work and during transport.

Your Benefits

Higher precision in any conditions

Choose the electrical drive

The SITERA mechanical seed drill now has an electrically driven distribution. This machine is fitted with an electric motor located on the right side (that replaces the landwheel) and a radar sensor for the speed signal. The management of the electric motor is made via the terminal. As on all SITERA seed drills with mechanical drive, you can choose between the VT30 terminal, the ISOBUS compatible version with the CCI 800 or CCI 1200 terminal, or another ISOBUS terminal. On the SITERA 3030 e model, you also benefit from the precision of the SEEDFLEX coulter bar.

Discover the application rate modulation with the SITERA e

The application rate modulation can be adjusted manually or automatically by GPS via an ISOBUS terminal using the TC-GEO function. The Section Control function (TC-SC) also allows the seed drill to be switched on and off automatically via GPS at the headland.

Adjustments made even more easy

The HELICA distribution is driven by an electric motor integrated on the right side and a radar sensor measures precisely the work speed. As for all SITERA mechanically driven seed drills, it allows application rates from 1.5 to 450 kg/ha.
The calibration test is fully automatic via the calibration button and the automatic distribution engagement.
On all models of the SITERA and SITERA e ranges, all basic functions are grouped on the terminal: metering unit rotation, automatic tramlining management, hectare counter and low seed level alarm.

A compact, simple and precise combination

The HELICA distribution with helical volumetric flutings

The HELICA distribution can distribute seeds of different size and shape: rapeseed, clover, alfalfa, wheat, oat, spelt, field beans… It ensures even seed by seed distribution over the row. The dosage is constant throughout the day thanks to the micrometric screw adjustment. KUHN’s HELICA distribution with volumetric helical grooves respects the dosage of 1.5 to 450 kg/ha independently :

  • variations in the volume of seed in the hopper,
  • changes in driving speed,
  • working conditions (heterogeneity, hilly terrain, etc.).

SEEDFLEX: the precise coulter bar

The SITERA 3030 integrated mechanical seed drill is fitted with a SEEDFLEX coulter bar with double discs 41mm distant for perfect furrow opening. The latter are fitted on a parallelogram and equipped with a press wheel controlling precisely the seeding depth of each unit. With a 35 cm clearance between the front and rear rows, the SEEDFLEX seeding units are adapted even to extreme use (heavy and sticky soils) and maintenance-free. The depth control wheel allows adjusting the coulter pressure up to 45 kg.

SITERA 3020 for sowing in plant residues

The SITERA 3020 mechanical seed drill is equipped with a double-disc coulter bar fitted over 2 rows, 25 cm distant, for sowing in difficult conditions. The disc coulter pressure of up to 35 kg ensures regular seeding depth even in irregular soils. The covering harrow fitted on a parallelogram ensure a perfect seedbed finish also in plant residues, heavy or light soils. Press wheels are available as option for precise control of the seeding depth of each unit.

SITERA 3010 for sowing in all types of clay soils

The SITERA 3010 mechanical seed drill is fitted with Suffolk coulter seeding units requiring little maintenance. Their adjustable lower stop and 35 kg ground pressure per unit ensure optimal constant seeding depth on all rows, in particular in sticky or tilled soil. Take advantage of the 28 cm space between the rows of Suffolk coulters to sow in all types of clay soils. The parallelogram allows adjusting the coulter bar height by positioning the lower stop at the required depth.

Higher precision in all conditions

Be faster and more accurate with centralised settings

Benefit from the central, infinitely variable adjustment of the sowing depth with an adjustment point with indicator on each side of the machine. Thanks to the SEEDFLEX seeding bar, the same pressure is exerted on the front and rear sowing elements and the kinematics of the adjustments is patented.

Benefit from a perfectly integrated combination

The hopper positioned above the roller frame results in the combination’s centre of gravity being set forward for little unit overhang. The single tube frame offers a very good visibility on the seeding units at work and on the covering harrow for transport. The adaptation of the seedbed preparation tools, CD with discs or HR power harrow, is carried out in less than 10 minutes thanks to the patented adaptation part that facilitates the SITERA seed drill coupling and uncoupling.


Technical characteristics

ModelSITERA 3030
Working width (m)3
Transport Width (m)3
Hopper capacity (l)800
Loading height approx. (cm)189
Hopper opening dimensions approx. (cm)250x84
CoverMetal with dust seal
Metering unit driveMechanical with variator
Volumetric metering unitHELICA with helical flutings - 1 to 450 kg/ha
Number of valves2x2 rows in symmetric or asymmetric rhythms
Number of rows20/24
Spacing (cm)15/12,5
Compatibility with treatment widths (m)12-15-18-21-24-27-30
Seeding unitSEEDFLEX with 35cm offset double discs on parallelogram
Hard coated inner disc scrapers-
Seeding depth adjustmentCentralised manual
Electronic equipmentISOBUS CCI terminal or tractor ISOBUS terminal or VT 30
Tramlining controlAutomatic management 2x2 rows
Electronic monitoringSeed level - metering unit rotation
CountersDaily and total
Half-width shut-offLeft side
Weight approx (kg)1,015/1,100
Loading platform-
Parking stands-