Efficiency and profitability for your baling operation

The SB 1290 iD is designed to produce bales with an extremely high density in all crop conditions. Thanks to the patented TWINPACT plunger technique, the baler has a lower power requirement and lends to more profitable baling operation.


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With the development of the SB 1290 iD, KUHN offers you an intelligent and innovative answer to today's and tomorrow's challenges. This 'intelligent-DENSITY' model is designed to produce bales (120 x 90) with up to 25% higher bale density in tough dry straw conditions compared to conventional large square balers. The patented TWINPACT double plunger system is the basis of this increase in bale density, whilst avoiding high peak loads on the machine. Apart from the density, the bale channel, driveline and transmission have been upgraded which lends to further cost savings for the operator. A 200hp tractor is more than capable of producing 500kg plus bales, providing you significant fuel savings. The result: a more profitable baling operation in both conventional crop production and the most challenging environments where energy crops and biomass are grown.

Your benefits

Extremely high-density bales, low power requirement

One plunger stroke - double impact

The KUHN SB 1290 iD features the patented TWINPACT double plunger system, an intelligent way to reach extremely high bale densities and avoid high peak loads on the machine. To achieve up to 25% higher bale density, the plunger requires twice the force of a conventional large square baler. The TWINPACT plunger is divided into an upper and lower part, which are connected with a triangle rod. The plunger impact on the bale is divided into two steps, increasing the applied force per surface area and thus bale compaction. Despite the heavier bales, the load on the machine is comparable with a conventional 120 x 90 baler, eliminating the need for an oversized driveline, flywheel and main frame.

The TWINPACT effect:

  • Ensures intelligent, efficient bale compaction whilst avoiding high peak loads on the machine.
  • Gives you the possibility to work with similar tractor sizes as with conventional 120 x 90 balers.
  • Produces bales that are 25% heavier in dry crop conditions.

A perfect balance between capacity and density

The KUHN patented torque regulation system on all SB 120 cm bale channel models ensures a perfect balance between capacity and density. The system consists of plunger rod load pins that measure the plunger force and an angle sensor that measures the crank angle. Throughout the complete plunger cycle the exact torque is calculated so you can operate the machine at peak performance and achieve the hightest bale density. This results in a higher transport and handling efficiency.


Consistently shaped bales provide more than just aesthetic appeal. A dense, consistently filled bale represents quality in every form. Square bales are easy to handle and stack. In addition, they are much more stable during transport than a poorly formed bale. A perfect square-edged bale reduces the risk of air entrapment during wrapping. This stimulates conservation of the bale and ensures a better feed quality.

The KUHN POWER DENSITY system, a single feeder fork design, proves that a well-engineered active pre-chamber filling system can eliminate complexity. This pre-chamber system ensures consistently filled flakes and results in heavy, square-edged bales regardless of the swath condition. The single feeder fork combines two functions into one mechanism, eliminating unneeded components and complexity and resulting in lower maintenance cost.

How does it work?

  1. The INTEGRAL ROTOR actively delivers the crop to the pre-chamber.
  2. The feeder fork (blue) provides an active filling of the pre-chamber.
  3. The single-acting feeder fork continues to form the bale flake until the measuring plate (red) is pushed back with a predetermined force.
  4. Once the measuring plate is pushed back, it activates the second function of the feeder fork system. The fork makes a different movement that empties the pre-chamber and pushes the perfectly formed flake into the bale chamber.

The bale chamber

The specially designed bale chamber of the KUHN SB 1290 iD is the result of more than 35 years of experience in big square baling. An active pre-chamber filling mechanism with a newly designed mechanical feeder fork steering system, secures the production of evenly filled bales.
A 3.75m long bale channel combined with the pressure control system ensures optimal control of the bale density. Highly resistant, replaceable wear plates for baling in dry dusty energy crop conditions are integrated into the machine design. A funnel shaped pressure door and a 7-beam top door design guarantee perfectly shaped bales and extra friction.

The double knotting system

The SB 1290 is equipped with a double knotting system. While baling, an upper (blue) and lower (red) twine is fed to the bale. Because the twine is not slipping around the bale, there is no tension on the twine during the bale formation.
Step 1: As the bale reaches the desired length, the needles (grey) are activated and move upwards towards the knotter to start the knotting cycle. In this first step the bale is finished with the first knot.
Step 2: Once the first knot has finished the bale, the second knot connects the upper and lower twine again so the next bale can be formed without stress on the twine during knotting.

The knotting process is monitored directly from the terminal, providing the driver with accurate information on twine tension during the baling cycle. An alarm goes off if an issue arises, allowing the driver to take action and prevent downtime accordingly.

Two massive hydraulically driven turbo fans are equipped as standard and deliver optimal knotter cleaning performance in the most challenging and dustiest conditions.

Optimal crop intake to meet your capacity needs

Optimal crop pick-up

The unique crop guard design, in combination with a high torque on the INTEGRAL ROTOR and on the feeder fork driveline, ensures a high intake capacity while offering extreme endurance. The balers make use of a 2.30 m wide cam tracked pick-up with no less than 5 tine bars, in order to allow the pick-up to run at a lower speed. Consequently, an excellent raking job and the highest versatility in various crop conditions is guaranteed.

To better meet your operation’s specific needs, there are two intake options available for the SB 1290 iD. Select from one of our patented INTEGRAL ROTORS. The OPTIFEED non-cutting rotor or the 23-knife OMNICUT cutting rotor.


Available across the entire KUHN square baler range, our INTEGRAL ROTOR technology can be found on OPTIFEED and OMNICUT models. This simple, maintenance-free intake system guarantees an enormous throughput capacity at all times. The short distance between rotor and pick-up tines maintains consistent crop flow. The design of this force-fed intake makes higher forward speeds possible for increased productivity and reduced crop damage.
The INTEGRAL ROTOR has rotor tines made out of Hardox® wear plates to offer excellent durability in abrasive crop conditions.


Whether you are baling dry straw, hay or wet silage, the POWER FEED ROLLER allows you to take capacity to the next level. Difficult crop conditions or inconsistent swaths could pose a challenge for an intake rotor. With the KUHN POWER FEED ROLLER this belongs to the past. This driven crop roller actively follows the height of the swath. As a result, the crop is slightly compressed and evenly distributed when entering the intake rotor. Inconsistencies in the crop flow are smoothed out, delivering a steady crop flow towards the rotor.

Peak loads as a result of irregularities in the swath are avoided. The smooth and steady crop intake ensures a reduced power requirement and a smooth running machine. Moreover, wear on the machine is reduced as less strain is applied on the intake.

Your benefits are:

  • Unrivalled overall capacity
  • Excellent crop guiding in different crops and swath sizes
  • Less power peaks in the intake system
  • Smooth running of the machine

Non-cutting: OPTIFEED rotor and Biomass OPTIFEED rotor

The 48 cm diameter OPTIFEED rotor design, where rotor tines – made out of HARDOX wear plate – and auger function are combined on one shaft, helps even out the swath by spreading the crop evenly for consistent bales every time. When crop cutting is not required, the OPTIFEED system ensures a controlled and consistent crop flow to the pre-chamber. With the rotor, an additional level of protection is given to the machine.

The 60 cm diameter Biomass OPTIFEED rotor design combines all the benefits of the standard OPTIFEED rotor with boltable rotor tines made out of HARDOX wear plate for excellent durability and easy exchange. These rotor tines are specially designed for aggressive energy crops such as sugar cane leaves.

Cutting: OMNICUT 23 knifes (OC 23)

The OMNICUT 23-knife rotor (OC 23) offers a cutting length of 45 mm on the 120 cm wide bale channel models. With a rotor diameter of 60 cm, the rotor will process every swath that is placed in front of the baler. The knives on the OC 23 have individual hydraulic protection. This ensures a perfect cutting quality regardless of working speed and crop. The operation of the knife group configuration is easily done from the tractor cab via the terminal. The operator can choose from the following knife group configurations: 0 – 11 – 12 – 23. The boltable rotor tines made out of Hardox wear plate guarantee easy exchange. Together with the standard cassette system for easy knife changing, you not only invest in cutting quality but, above all, in driver comfort.

Extreme robustness, durability and user comfort

Heavy-duty driveline

Perform at maximum capacity with a highly secure intake system. Synchronised drive of components is made by gearboxes and shafts. This ensures a perfectly synchronised machine with easy maintenance. The heavy-duty driveline features self-resetting cam-clutches. The benefit of these clutches is that they offer the possibility to use the machine at maximum capacity without worrying about time consuming shear bolt replacements. The driveline layout is simple, clean, and easy to service and maintain while minimizing the overall number of moving parts.

Instant protection

To use the machine at maximum capacity, a flawless protection system is required. All main intake components of the KUHN large square balers are fitted with a cam-type clutch. With this non-stop safety system you can unblock the machine from the operator seat, in the event of an overload. The pick-up, INTEGRAL ROTOR, main drive and feeder fork are protected with cam-type torque limiters, which are automatically activated in the event of an overload. The respective cam clutch then activates and the intake is stopped. The clutch re-engages when the operator reduces the PTO speed.

Smart design for more user convenience

The design offers perfect accessibility to the inside of the machine during daily inspection and maintenance. For more safety, the knotter deck is equipped with solid stairs and a safety railing. The safety railing can be folded down easily to reduce the height of the machine during transport. Moreover, the driver can benefit from optimal comfort thanks to the heavy flywheel, the load sensing hydraulics and the torque regulation system.

The load sensing hydraulic system is used for automatic axle locking, knife steering, roller chute and bale ejector functionalities. The hydraulic system can easily be switched mechanically to an open centre operation if using it in combination with a tractor without a load sensing hydraulic system.

Optimal driver comfort

For maximum driver convenience the SB 1290 iD is standard equipped with the heaviest flywheel in their segment. This 485 kg heavy-duty flywheel guaranties a unique
smooth running machines, which offers the operator maximum driving comfort during the daily operation.


Technical characteristics

SB 1290 IDSB 1290 ID OC
Bale height (cm)9090
Bale width (cm)120120
Bale length (cm)60-30060-300
Pick-up width (cm)230230
Number of pick-up tine bars55
Pick-up crop rolleras standardas standard
Intake systemINTEGRAL ROTOR (with automatic cam clutch overload protection)INTEGRAL ROTOR (with automatic cam clutch overload protection)
Number of knives-23
Theoretical cutting length (mm-45
Knife protection-individual hydraulic
POWER DENSITY pre-chamber intake systemINTEGRAL ROTOR (with automatic cam clutch overload protection)INTEGRAL ROTOR (with automatic cam clutch overload protection)
Plunger strokes (min-1)4646
Baling pressure setting9 hydraulic cylinders, controlled by on-board hydraulic system9 hydraulic cylinders, controlled by on-board hydraulic system
Binding system6 double knotters 6 double knotters
Knotter cleaningturbo fans driven by on-board hydraulics turbo fans driven by on-board hydraulics
Automatic central greasingas standard as standard
Twine storage32 rolls32 rolls
Minimum PTO power requirement kW(hp)132 (180)144 (196)
PTO speed (min-1)1,0001,000
Hydraulic jackas standardas standard
Transport width (cm)300 maximum (depending on axle and wheel size)300 maximum (depending on axle and wheel size)
Transport height (cm)335335
Transport length (cm)850850
Parking brakesas standardas standard
ISOBUS compatibleas standardas standard
Road lights and signallingas standardas standard
Minimum required tractor hydraulic connections
Service lights1 single acting and 1 double acting valve 1 single acting and 1 double acting valve
Weight min - max (kg) 11700-1300011700-13000