Exceptional speed and capacity

Does wrapping 100 bales per hour with 6 layers of film seem impossible? Not with the KUHN RW 1810 bale wrapper. With a 30% faster cycle time you can keep up with the fastest balers around. It is also capable of loading the heaviest bales of up to 160 cm in diameter, weighing 1400 kg.


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The KUHN RW 1810 high-capacity inline bale wrapper is equipped with the latest technologies. A laser operated AUTOLOAD system detects the approaching bale and sets the loading arm into the pre-load position. The unique loading system, with its loading arm integrated into the wrapping table, allows the bale to gently roll onto the wrapping table without extra process steps. The twin satellite arms with pre-stretchers wrap the bale at high speeds soon after loading the bale. Once the correct amount of film layers are applied, the film is cut and firmly held by the 'scissors-type' film cutters. Optionally the RW 1810 can be equipped with a 3D Wrapping system. The RW 1810 wrapper is suited to operate either behind a tractor or directly behind a baler and is operated via the KUHN VT 30 terminal with PROCESS VIEW user interface.

Your Benefits

Excellent, cost-efficient and high-speed wrapping

Round turntable

The KUHN round bale turntable wrappers are equipped with two rollers and four wide, spaced belts. This design provides a deep and stable cradle for the bale on the wrapping turntable. The two large bale support rollers provide more stability and guidance. The four belts provide maximum traction and even rotation of the bale. Even bale rotation is vital to ensure the optimal film overlap for conservation and crop quality during storage.

Satellite arms and pre-stretchers

The centrally driven satellite arms each hold one pre-stretcher with a 750 mm film roll. It rotates around the bale applying the requested number of film layers while being protected by the safety arms.

The standard pre-stretchers are made of aluminum to avoid tack build-up from the film. Both outer ends of the aluminum rollers are cone-shaped to maintain the optimum width of the film and reduce the risk of film tearing. The special ribbed profile of the aluminum rollers keeps air and water away from the film. The location of the pre-stretchers makes it very easy to change the film rolls. The standard pre-stretch of 70% is reached by a low-maintenance and low-noise gear transmission. An optional 60% pre-stretcher gear kit can be installed to change the standard pre-stretch to 60%, to adapt to difficult wrapping conditions.

Full wrapping flexibility

The wrapper is equiped with a high-speed double satellite with a boost function to increase the speed up to 40 rpm when driving at 5km/hr or more forward speeds. This results in a capacity of up to 100 bales per hour when wrapping with 6 layers of film.

INTELLIWRAP allows greater management of your wrapping process. Continuously control the film overlap and required amount of wrapping layers (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…) to match your local circumstances, crop conditions, and storage periods. An excellent distribution of the film around the bale and precise overlap of the film provides maximum efficiency and increased silage quality.

Film cutters

Once the desired number of film layers have been applied, the film is held firmly and cut. The well-known “scissor-type” cutters hold and cut the film. Due to its design, the film is caught across the full width. The film is held with a clamp, stretched into one solid string, and then cut before the bale is unloaded. The clamp firmly holds the film ready for the next bale.

3D Wrapping

Key to the innovative 3D wrapping process is the ability to distribute the total film quantity more uniformly and efficiently across the entire surface of the bale. By wrapping the cylindrical surface of the bale first, more air is excluded and the bale shape maintained, even after long storage periods. The vulnerable corners of the bale are better protected compared to conventionally wrapped bales. The film is wrapped very tightly around the bale giving less chance of film damage during transport and storage.

The RW 1810 comes as standard with an auto stop by the end of the film roll/during film tearing and ½ speed by the end of the film roll/when one film roll breaks.

Bale loading and unloading

Unique loading system

The unique loading system, with its long loading arm integrated in the wrapping table, allows the bale to gently roll onto the wrapping table without extra process steps. It makes the wrapper suitable for loading 1400 kg bales with 100-160 cm in diameter.

Low-profile chassis design

The KUHN trailed wrappers feature a unique low-profile design ideal for stability when loading, wrapping or unloading a bale. The rear axle position results in a low table height eliminating the need for a (active) fall dampener. There is constant weight transfer to the tractor that prevents up-and-down movements of the drawbar and prevents tractor wheel slippage when driving uphill with a bale on the table or loading arm. The bale can be dropped on the go for maximum output!

Exceptional driver comfort

Control system

The KUHN RW 1810 is controlled by the VT 30 control box and gives full command of your wrapping process. The VT 30, with 3.5” colour touch screen, has a highly user friendly interface with intuitive software.

Application of electronics with PROCESS VIEW software provides you with updated information about the stage of wrapping on the terminal. It informs you of the status of the ongoing and upcoming wrapping processes and allows you to pause and restart a process at any time


100% fully automatic loading, wrapping and unloading without having to press a button! The RW 1810 AUTOLOAD function uses a laser to detect the approaching round bale, automatically scans the diameter of the bale and sets the loading arms into the pre-load position. This provides high accurate loading, wrapping and unloading of the bale on the go.

With AUTOLOAD you can concentrate fully on driving, for a more ergonomic and stress-free working environment during a long working day. It increases the overall capacity and efficiency of your wrapping operation.


Easy switching from transport to field mode with AUTOSWITCH. The machine folds and unfolds at a single touch of a button! Comfortable and quick transformation, ideal when having to work across several fields.


Technical characteristics

RW 1810
Bale dimensions (width x diameter) (cm)120 X 100 - 160
Maximum bale weight (kg)1200 (with 180 bar) / 1400 (with 200 bar)
Machine length (cm)504
Machine width (cm)279
Machine height (cm)308
Hydraulic lane adjustment with AUTOSWITCH functionas standard operated via terminal
Loading systemin line loading arm connected to wrapping table
Automatic loading function (AUTOLOAD)as standard
Wrapper systemtwin satellite with 2 x 750 mm pre-stretchers
INTELLIWRAPas standard
Wrapping table4 belts
Bale support rollers4 x adjustable
Controlcomputer controlled
Kit for 1/2 table speed to work with one roll of filmas standard
Kit for automatic stop by end of film / tearas standard
Fully automatic film cutteras standard
Film roll magazinefor 2 rolls as standard, for 8 as option
Pre-stretch ratioas standard 70% (60% optional)
Minimum required tractor hydraulic connections1 single acting with free return or 1 double acting
Oil flow and pressure required30-45 l/min at minimum 180 bar
Road lightsas standard
Weight min - max (kg)1150 - 1300