Uncompromising set-up for all-round use

The PZ 270 and 300 models have a proven and tested drum design with over 25,000 units sold worldwide. Large outer drums and small inner drums offer benefits such as perfect ground contour following, clean swath formation and large throughput.


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With the two models of drum mowers PZ 270 and PZ 300, KUHN provides high-quality technology with working widths of 2.65 and 2.95 m. These models have a proven and tested drum arrangement with over 25,000 units sold worldwide. Large outer drums and small inner drums offer benefits such as perfect ground contour following, clean swath formation and large throughput. Thanks to the FLEXPROTECT guards, damage to the side covers is now a thing of the past. The PZ 270 and PZ 300 models are equipped with 4 flat sided drums and rotating saucers. The quick-change knife system ensures a trouble free changeover within minutes. On hitting an obstacle the safety break back system is automatically activated. During road transport the mower can be folded horizontally or vertically behind the tractor.

Your Benefits

Cleverly designed components for optimal performance

Flat sided drums

Round drums do not transport well, that is why KUHN uses drums with two flat sides for optimal crop transport without the risk of blockages. Movement of the crop has an impact on the mowing quality. It is for this reason that KUHN has chosen to use screw-on transport strips.

Height adjustment

The cutting height can be adjusted by adding or removing the optional spacers. This can be easily reached and infinitely adjusted.

Freely rotating saucers

The freely rotating saucers have a major advantage. In uneven ground conditions, the saucer ‘rotates’ over the ground rather than sliding, thus protecting the stubble and reducing PTO power requirement. The positive effects of reduced crop contamination will be particularly noticeable on sensitive soils such as boggy land.

Quick knife exchange

Using the special tool, you can push the knife holder down and simply replace the knifes. It is a quick and secure system.

Perfect swath formation

The proven design with its uneven sized diameter knife plates has great benefits for the front mower: a clean swath formation, less crop contamination, perfect ground following and high throughput with a low PTO power requirement.

The arrangement of the drums has the added advantage that it is fuel-saving. Swath discs are available as an option.

Safety and comfort when you need it

FLEXPROTECT side covers

Damage to the side covers is now a thing of the past. The KUHN FLEXPROTECT flexible side covers add a new dimension to these mowers with their design made of polythene. On encountering any obstacles, the material of the side cover bends, without breaking or damaging the mower. The material then returns back to its original shape.

Safety break back system

On hitting an obstacle, the mower unit pivots backwards, thus absorbing the impact. Reversing the tractor re-engages the safety system, and the mower unit is set back into the work position.

Easy access to the drums

The front cover can be folded away, allowing easy access to the blades. This is perfect for daily inspections and mower maintenance.

Quick and easy maneuverability

3-point linkage

The adjustable 3-point linkage enables you to shift the machine to the left or right. When using front and rear mower units in combination, this ensures that overlap is always at its optimum even when cutting round corners.

Changing from working to transport position

Without leaving the tractor seat, the PZ mower units can easily be put into the transport position behind the tractor. This function can be upgraded with a hydraulic cylinder. Furthermore, an optional hydraulic folding cylinder is available for improved weight distribution during transport.

Headland cylinder

The optional headland cylinder improves operator comfort across the larger widthed machine and gives the PZ 270 and the PZ 300 sufficient ground clearance when turning on the headlands


Technical characteristics

PZ 270PZ 300
Working width (m)2.652.95
3-point linkagecat.2cat.2
Adjustable lower link pinsas standardas standard
PTO speed (min-1)540 (1000 optional)540 (1000 optional)
Minimum PTO power requirement kW(hp)40 (54)47 (64)
Transport positionmechanical folding (optionally hydraulic) horizontally to the rear (from the tractor seat)mechanical folding (optionally hydraulic) horizontally to the rear (from the tractor seat)
Headland position3-point hydraulic 3-point hydraulic
Vertical foldinglateral and rearward hydraulically: optionallateral and rearward hydraulically: optional
Headland cylinderoptionaloptional
Ground pressure compensation4 springs4 springs
Safety breakaway systemmechanically spring loaded mechanically spring loaded
Primary drivePTO drive shaft with free wheel clutchPTO drive shaft with free wheel clutch
Secondary driveV-belts V-belts
Number of drums44
Number of blades1012
Cutting height adjustmentspacersspacers
Cutting height range (mm)1x8 (as standard) - 2 x 8 (optional)1x8 (as standard) - 2 x 8 (optional)
Average swath width ca. (m)11.2
Weight min - max (kg)675-725732-782