High output with low horsepower

The PROLANDER is a versatile cultivator with vibrating tines. It can perform multiple operations, from shallow stubble cultivation to seedbed preparation in a second pass. It is the ideal tool for min-till farming.


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The PROLANDER range is available in 6 and 7.5 metre wide trailed models. It is perfectly suited to tractors from 150 to 300 hp. The PROLANDER requires very little power, 25hp per metre is enough to ensure a quality job. The PROLANDER is now recognised as the best seedbed cultivator to manage min-till farming, as well as the best stubble cultivator in second pass. The quality of work is ensured by its 5 rows of vibrating tines which avoid any blockages even in the presence of crop residues. Its 70x12 S-shaped tine can be equipped with two types of share, a 60 mm goose foot-share and a narrow reversible share. The great versatility of the PROLANDER offers the possibly to carry out several functions: tilth creation in the spring, stubble cultivation in a second pass and seed bed preparation. The PROLANDER is the ideal solution for quality pre-seeding cultivation. In addition, it is gaining popularity for mechanical destruction of weeds.

Your Benefits

Exceptional work quality

The largest clearance on the market

The PROLANDER is equipped with 5 rows of vibrating tines and the 68 cm underframe clearance guarantees the work quality even in crop residue. The PROLANDER benefits from an increasing clearance between its 5 rows of tines, from 60 cm in the front, 70 cm in the centre and 80 cm at the rear of the machine. This unique design improves the flow of soil through the machine and imrpoves the incorporation of residues.

Exceptional versatility

The 70×12 mm vibrating “S” tine is the key to the PROLANDERs optimal working quality. The vibrating effect of the “S” tine allows the soil to be disturbed to a depth of 12 cm. Equipped with a 60 mm wide share, it offers a very good mixing in the top layers to prepare the seedbed. Also available is the 200 mm wide goose foot-share which is ideal for shallow stubble cultivation and ensures mixing quality over the entire width of the tool.
The tine is equipped with a maintenance-free 3D safety system which allows lateral clearance on each side while limiting vertical clearance to maintain a constant working depth.
A tine passes through the soil every 15.5 cm which provides a homogeneous finish over the entire width of the tool and improves the levelling.

A profitable machine

The PROLANDER meets the needs of farms who are looking for a high-performance soil tillage implement with a low horse power requirement. 25 horsepower per metre is sufficient to carry out a quality stubble cultivation with the PROLANDER. The low power demand reduces fuel consumption and extends the life of wear parts.
The mixing quality is strongly related to the working speed, so you will get a better soil / straw mixture at speeds up to 15km/h.

A versatile stubble cultivator

Settings from the cab

The PROLANDER is equipped as standard with hydraulic adjustments from the cab. The working depth is continuously adjustable and lifts and lowers parallel to the ground. The levelling board at the front of the machine can also be adjusted hydraulically from the cab. It flattens the ploughed land before the tines.
All these adjustments ensure immediate adaptation to ground conditions and reduce the power demand.

Reduced maintenance

The PROLANDER is equipped with tines held on by a single large bolt. Switching from stubble cultivation with the goose foot-share to seedbed preparation with the straight share is very simple and quick. With a 50% time saving during changes, idle times are significantly reduced and field productivity is increased.

Wearing parts adapted to all jobs

Wearing parts are a key element when purchasing a tillage implement: Cost, replacement time, design, work efficiency, etc.
The goose-foot share allows for a shallow stubble cultivation from 3 to 7 cm deep. This mixes the entire top layer to stimulate weed germination and also destroy the weeds.
The reversible straight share is ideal for preparing your soils from 5 to 12 cm deep with a low power requirement. The shares are heat treated to increase service life by 20%. This straight share is also forged to give it’s particular shape with greater thickness on the work area and to retain its penetrating “V” shape.

Homogeneous seedbed preparation

Strong agronomic benefits

The PROLANDER has agronomic benefits in the many different ways it can be used. In seedbed preparation it brings the following benefits:

  • Aerates the soil to accelerate warming
  • create a fine tilth to ensure good soil to seed contact
  • Level the soil to ensure better seed placement
  • Consolidate the soil to maintain moisture

In shallow stubble cultivation and seed bed preparation, the PROLANDER offers many benefits:

  • Mechanical destruction of weeds
  • Straw distribution
  • Accelerated break down of residue
  • Good emergence of volunteer seeds
  • Pest population control

In secondry stubble cultivations, the PROLANDER ensures quality work by:

  • Maximizing soil / straw mixing
  • Accelerating the breakdown of residues
  • Preparing a seedbed
  • Incorporating lime calcium or organic soil conditioners
  • Burying weeds
  • Re-consolidating the soil to maintain moisture

A choice of packers according to your needs

The PROLANDER cultivator can be equipped with three different types of packer:

  • The double U-roller with a diameter of 600 mm is versatile on all types of soil and is perfectly suited for stubble cultivation. The “U” profile ensures perfect consolidation thanks to the soil to soil contact. It allows you to work in residues, wet conditions and stones. The double U roller is self-cleaning and insensitive to blocking.
  • The double “tube-bar” roller has a 400 mm (tube) roller and a 320 mm (tooth bar) roller dedicated to seedbed preparation. It provides optimal crumbling in heavy soils thanks to the small diameter of the tooth bars which have an impressive rotational speed.
  • The large double “tube-bar” roller (tube bar 550 mm / toothed bar 420 mm) is more versatile than the previous one thanks to its large diameter. It is mainly oriented towards stubble cultivation or seedbed preparation in light soil because it offers better soil bearing capacity.

A single passage for stubble cultivation and plant cover sowing

The PROLANDER can be equipped with the SH 600 small seed drill for seeding crop covers (mustard, clover, ryegrass, cereals) while cultivating.
Crop covers are recognised for their agronomic, environmental and economic benefits. You can achieve time savings of 50% compared with a conventional establishment system (stubble cultivation + sowing + rolling).
The SH 600, with a 600-litre hopper capacity, is equipped with the same distribution system as our other seeders for increased seeding accuracy. The splash plates are positioned in front of the roller for an even distribution and optimal soil to seed contact.
Simple and precise settings are made from the cab via the QUANTRON S-2 box that enable you to:
Modulate the seed rate manually or electronically by GPS;
Monitor the seed level, blower and metering unit speeds.
The PROLANDER with the SH 600 seed drill can help you acheive high work rates and low seeding costs.


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)3,754,955,856,007,50
Transport width (m)2,502,502,502,832,83
Transport height (m)2,222,843,273,254
Min. tractor power (hp)73/10092/125110/150110/150140/190
Max. power tractor (kW/hp)103/140129/175155/210175/240220/300
Number of tine rows44455
Number of tines2533393949
Type of tineVibrating 'S' tines 70x12mmVibrating 'S' tines 70x12mmVibrating 'S' tines 70x12mmVibrating 'S' tines 70x12mmVibrating 'S' tines 70x12mm
Underbeam clearance (mm)600600600600600
Tine spacing (mm)155155155155155
Distance between tine on the same row (mm)600600600680680
Inter-beam clearance (mm)500 (between rows 1-2) / 600 (between rows 2-3) / 500 (between rows 3-4)500 (between rows 1-2) / 600 (between rows 2-3) / 500 (between rows 3-4)500 (between rows 1-2) / 600 (between rows 2-3) / 500 (between rows 3-4)600 (rows 1-2), 700 (rows 2-3) and 800 (rows 3-4-5)600 (rows 1-2), 700 (rows 2-3) and 800 (rows 3-4-5)
LinkageCAT 2/3CAT 2/3CAT 2/3CAT 3 and CAT 3/4 crossbar, 40mm ring, K80 linkage ball, Swivel ring 42/53/71mmCAT 3 and CAT 3/4 crossbar, 40mm ring, K80 linkage ball, Swivel ring 42/53/71mm
Weight (kg), with tube notched bar roller 400/320171020502260//
Weight (kg), with double U///45005075
Available rollersTube, T-Ring, Tube notched bar 400/320mm, V-Liner (only for the 4 and 5 metres models)Tube, T-Ring, Tube notched bar 400/320mm, V-Liner (only for the 4 and 5 metres models)Tube, T-Ring, Tube notched bar 400/320mmDouble tube/notched bar roller 400/320 and 550/420, Double U rollerDouble tube/notched bar roller 400/320 and 550/420, Double U roller
Seed drill option///SH 600 and TF KitSH 600 and TF Kit