Established professionals

For professional use exceeding 1,500 h/year, KUHN has developed the PRO-LONGER GII hedge and grass cutter models with a horizontal reach of 5.70 m and an available rotor circuit power of 80 hp.


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The PRO‑LONGER GII hedge and grass cutter range is specially designed for all roadside service professionals: contractors, local councils, highways agencies, DIR (French interdepartmental road directorate), etc. Thanks to its quality construction and high-performance components, the PRO-LONGER GII range guarantees outstanding results even with an annual workload surpassing 1,500 hours! With a horizontal reach of 5.70 m and 80 hp of useful rotor circuit power, highway maintenance professionals will find the PRO-LONGER GII suits their needs. The PRO-LONGER GII models are available in 2 kinematics to meet the drivers' expectations in terms of driving comfort: Straight arm OPTIview semi-leading arm

Your Benefits

Electric proportional controls as standard

4 electric proportional functions as standard!

The PRO-LONGER GII hedge and grass cutters are controlled with 4 electric proportional functions: pivot, main boom, outer boom and flail head orientation. The movement speed increases exponentially as the joystick is shifted further along one direction. The machine allows for smooth and precise operation, while providing unbeatable driving comfort.

For increased safety and precision, the proportional effect works in both directions: up and down. Precision is guaranteed regardless of the type of job (verge, bank, ditch, hedge, etc.).

For efficiency, the functions of the main boom, outer boom, flail head orientation, pivot and floating head can be activated simultaneously with the ergonomic joystick and the position of the various buttons. The EP joystick can also be adjusted to the size of your hand.

The EP joystick is easy to install even in the smallest cabs. It is connected to the machine by a single small-diameter electric cable.

T15 control console

The T15 control console can be removed from the main control panel to suit all cab layouts. It can be easily detached and positioned at eye level and/or within reach.

The console has many features:

  • Hour meter and oil temperature display,
  • Controls for lift float, automatic arm break-back and rotor (grass or wood direction) with anti-reversing safety,
  • Indicator lights, fan, float and temperature alert, floating flail head.

The console also includes troubleshooting and repair modes for machine maintenance.

Versatility to suit the task

MECADRIVE patented mechanical drive: the epitome of KUHN know-how!

The flail head on the PRO-LONGER GII models is designed to deliver professional performance. The 80 hp flail head fitted as standard to all models in the PRO-LONGER GII range is patented by Kuhn.

Transmission is provided by a train of four sprockets, lubricated in an oil bath. This exclusive MECADRIVE assembly provides numerous advantages:

    • The gearbox footprint is considerably reduced. It is therefore easier for the operator to work in ditch bottoms while reducing the quantity of uncut grass at the end of the head to a strict minimum.


    • The casing is fully watertight for flail head work in waterlogged or muddy ditches. Unlike the belt-drive system, the exclusive MECADRIVE assembly shall not be subject to premature wear caused by severe operating conditions.

No maintenance is required for MECADRIVE except for a simple annual oil change. When the rotor encounters a major obstacle, safety is ensured by an oil return via the valves on the circuit.

Universal rotor and XTREM sensor roller (diameter 140 mm)

To adapt to all types of jobs, the universal rotor is available in the conventional length of 1.20 m and also in the 1.60 m MAXI WIDTH. In the first configuration, the rotor is fitted with 60 KUHN broad Y-flails assembled on a 14 mm shackle. This rotor is designed for cutting and trimming of scrub featuring a maximum diameter of 3 cm.

The 1.60 m MAXI WIDTH equipment is designed for mowing and cutting grass and features a set of 42 spoon flails on a 14 mm shackle. It also becomes possible to use this head in “brushcutting” mode thanks to the retractable front-end cover. Wide hedges can be trimmed in a single run.

KUHN broad flail: prefer the original! You will be glad you chose KUHN flails! The exclusive KUHN broad flails are 10% heavier than those present on the common wear parts market.

The XTREM sensor roller is perfectly watertight in all working conditions. Both ends are equipped with double taper roller bearings. The assembly is 100% sealed:

  • On the lug mounting side, by labyrinth seal O-rings and face seals on a film of oil,
  • Sensor roller side, by a plug.

Semi-automatic hitch

For quicker set-up of the different flail heads (rotor, saw, cutter bar, etc.) the PRO-LONGER GII models feature a semi-automatic tool hitching system. The hitching frame allows for accurate positioning of the flail head on the arm.

Reliability included!

The PRO-LONGER GII model design was rewarded by the highly prestigious SWEDISH STEEL PRIZE. This international prize is awarded by SSAB and is open to all machine manufacturing companies (farm machinery, public works and industrial machines) using high strength steels in their products. The arm has a reconstituted structure. This design has numerous benefits, including the varying thickness of the steel and the addition of internal stiffeners on the different points of the arm subject to high levels of stress.

Very high yield, industrial-grade steels provide the arms in the PRO-LONGER GII range with twice as much strength and flexibility as a standard tubular structure. Very high yield strength steel is a shape memory alloy. Depending on the load level, the steel returns to its original form. It is thus less subject to breakage under repeated loads. Ageing, resulting in the breaking point, is delayed.

All the machine joints are protected against wear by greased-for-life cell-type bushes. Rotational shaft movement is prevented to avoid premature wear.

Oversized radiator: constant power

With the cooling capacity of the imposing fan on the PRO-LONGER GII models sustained work can be kept up all day long.

  • Double exchanger: the first one cools the hydraulic system of the two pumps and the second one cools the motor drain,
  • Equipped with a flow reversing system to remove dust from the radiator,
  • 21 kW power, thus 30% of additional exchange capacity compared to the equivalent models on the market,
  • Low temperature trigger point to prevent thermal runaway of the hydraulic system,
  • Position on the left side rather than on the rear. The fan intakes a lot less dust stirred up by the tractor’s wheel.



Drive it like an automatic gearbox!

These two PRO-LONGER GIIs have a horizontal reach of 5.70 m and feature an 80 hp rotor. They are fitted with an additional OPTIview semi-leading arm and parallelogram kinematics.

For “parallelogram” kinematics the main and outer booms are joined by a link. The operator controls all the arm movements with the machine joystick. Only one function on the joystick is required to move the main boom and outer boom.

With their parallelogram the PRO-LONGER GII 5783 SPA and 6183 SPA model control system is intuitive right from the start. Drivers shall rediscover performance associated to unbeatable driving comfort.


Technical characteristics

Horizontal reach (m)5.705.70
Available rotor circuit power at 1000 rpm (kW / hp)59/8059/80
Recommended useUp to 1500 hours per yearUp to 1500 hours per year
Recommended minimum tractor weight (tonnes)55
Minimum power required at tractor PTO (kW / hp)74/10074/100
Arm safety for obstacle clearanceHydraulic pivot-mounted system with 116 degree slewHydraulic pivot-mounted system with 116 degree slew
Outer boomStraight armOPTIview semi-leading arm
Hitch category3-point cat 2 and 33-point cat 2 and 3
Hitch typeSTABI-LINK quick hitch axle mounted frameSTABI-LINK quick hitch axle mounted frame
StructureFrame, main boom and outer boom with reconstituted very high yield steel structure Main boom section 165 x 140 x 6 to 15mm Outer boom section 155 x 135 x 6 to 10mmFrame, main boom and outer boom with reconstituted very high yield steel structure Main boom section 165 x 140 x 6 to 15mm Outer boom section 155 x 135 x 6 to 10mm
Full enclosure to protect all componentsAs standardAs standard
Bumper with lighting and guardsAs standardAs standard
Self-guiding system for the hoses between the frame and armAs standardAs standard
Transport height (m) with 0.5 m ground clearance3.783.78
Machine weight (kg)2,1752,185