High-capacity straw blower & feeder!

All-fodder, semi-mounted straw blower & feeder with a 5.5 m3 capacity


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The PRIMOR 5570 M is an all-fodder straw blower & feeder with a f 5.5 m3 capacity. It will satisfy any farmer looking for a high-capacity machine.

Your Benefits

All-fodder distribution

POLYDRIVE feed rotor drive

With the POLYDRIVE patented system, the feed rotor benefits from the power generated by the turbine flywheel. Distribution of long-fibre fodder is no longer a chore.

With a drive belt that can be disengaged as required via the electric controls in the tractor cab, you can cut the fodder flow when obstacles are encountered along the feed passage (posts, drinking troughs, passing farm workers, etc.).

All it takes is 2.5 minutes to distribute a 1.4 m bale of haylage!

All-fodder type feed rotor

The PRIMOR 5570 M straw-blower & feeder is equipped with an all-fodder feed rotor, with sections mounted on a series of 8 discs in order to maintain the structural integrity of silage and similar foodstuffs (no ‘milling’ effect).

The regulating tines ensure a regular flow of feed into the turbine, shaped and positioned to distribute the fodder along the whole length of the separator.

The large-diameter separating system runs at high speed (428 min-1), minimising the risk of long fibres getting tangled up.

Continuous adjustment!

The PRIMOR 5570 M is equipped with an adjustable regulating system. With 3 preset positions and an optional hydraulic adjustment system, this set of regulating tines is key to the machine’s superior flexibility.

For difficult foodstuffs (long fibres and haylage bales), the low positioning of the boom prevents fodder from getting into the turbine. The fibres are thus effectively calibrated and evenly distributed.

When it comes to bedding, the quality of the straw is key! That’s why setting the tines to the raised position allows you to increase the flow of straw into the turbine. Flattening is kept to a minimum.

Mixing hopper

With its low-slung profile and dual loading flaps, filling the hopper is a safe, effortless process.

Concentrates and minerals are mixed in the hopper thanks to the inverted double-auger mixing system. The ingredients are pre-mixed before being added to the rough fodder.

The presence of an injection auger avoids any potential blockages. This hydraulic-powered auger ensures that you retain total control over the addition of concentrates.

Concentrates are injected at the foot of the turbine: the resulting blend is perfect because mixing occurs at 3/4 turn.

For silage feeding

For farmers working with silage, an optional outflow pipe directly aligned with the turbine ensures that the product is redirected as soon as it leaves the chute, for clean swath distribution.

The wide opening ensures there is no risk of blockage when working with long-fibre fodders. Manual installation.

The length of the outflow pipe can be adapted to the tractor track.

High quality straw blowing, for the comfort of your animals

Regular, even quantity of straw per m²

The turbine wheel is composed of 8 bolted-on blades, 2 of which are slightly longer, in order to vary the rate of flow of straw into the turbine and create a shower effect.

The large surface area of the blades ensures that the fodder is propelled all the way up the chute. The result is regular, constant straw distribution throughout the whole space, with no need to shift the chute cap upwards.

KUHN, the leading name in straw blowing!

The 150 mm space between the blades and the turbine inflow is what we call the “pneumatic separation chamber.”

The volume of air moving through this chamber draws the feed while also gently untangling it. The straw thus remains intact. The result is a litter which is more resistant and longer-lasting, delivering greater comfort for your animals!

Everyday comfort

Electric controls as standard

The electric controls ensure a smooth user experience. The compact control panel has been designed to fit inside all types of tractor cabs.

Enjoy full access to all the functions of your machine without leaving the driver’s seat.

The only operation requiring a remote control cable is changing the turbine speed (310 and 620 min-1).

Combined on a single control pad, you can change the direction of the chute and adjust the chute cap with one hand!

Dual tailgate and conveyor control

Installed as standard on the PRIMOR 5570 M, the tailgate dual controls allow you to load round bales with the greatest of ease (and without having to climb back into the tractor cab)
All functions of the tailgate belt, conveyor and UNROLL System can be accessed from the rear of the machine.

High-capacity straw blower & feeder!

The gently-sloping tailgate is flush with the conveyor belt, facilitating the loading of round and cubic bales with no need for an external loader.

The tub fitted to the PRIMOR 5570 M has been designed to handle round (2 round bales up to 2 m in diameter) and cubic (1 cubic bale up to 2.7 m in length) bales of all sizes.

In emergency situations, the PRIMOR 5570 M can also be used to distribute grass and corn-based silage.

Designed to last!

PRIMOR straw-blowers & feeders are designed for simple maintenance.

The belt is a self-contained sub-unit, bolted to the tub body. The belt will last for many years, and can then be easily changed. In order to keep the belt clean, it is fitted with an integrated evacuation hatch as standard: no more
build-up at the bottom of the belt.

The cast iron sprockets and marine-grade chain ensure that the belt remains perfectly aligned.


Technical characteristics

Capacity, loading door raised (m3)5.5
Tractor linkageSemi-mounted (with hitch bar)
UseAll-fodder feeding (including long-fibre feeding) and straw blowing into bedding areas and cubicles
Separating systemdriven by POLYDRIVE (1 rotor)
LoadingHydraulic tailgate for loading of round bales on the ground
Max. blowing distanceOn the right up to 18m (and on the left up to 13m with swivelling Shute)
Turbine speed (min-1)270/540 (teleflex-controlled gear change)
TurbineTurbine bottom in K-NOX and turbine wheel with 8 bolted-on blades
ConveyorInterchangeable conveyor bolted on the body with double bottom and dump flap
Beam comprising regulating tines3-position fixed beam (option hydraulically)
Dual control (positioned rear left)Tailgate, conveyor (and optional UNROLL SYSTEM) control
Parking standTelescopic jack
PTO shaftFree wheel and slip friction clutch
BrakesHydraulic brakes
LightsRoad lights (LED)
PTO power requirement without silage bales kW (hp)37 (51)
PTO power requirement with silage bales kW (hp)51 (70)
Output mini/maxi (l/min) at 180 bar (pressure required)40-60 (50-60 with mixing hopper)
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement1 SA with free return
Weight, dimensions, number and dimensions of loaded balesSee table