Straw bedder and feeder with added chopping function!

PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL all-fodder straw blower and feeder, with onboard cutting system and a capacity of 4.2 m3.


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The PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL brings an additional feature to the straw bedder and all-fodder feeder range: the possibility of activating (or disabling) the chopping function. The same machine can therefore be used to put down short straw (cubicles) or long straw (bedded packs) while retaining the capacity to deliver long-fibre fodder (such as hay or haylage). The settings are controlled from the tractor cab by means of the hydraulic counter-knife which, depending on its position, adjusts the cutting length of dry products up to 4 cm. In the raised position, centrifugal force causes the ejector vanes between the knives to stand up to project long straw to a distance of 17 m or to distribute fodder (silage, hay or haylage) just like the other straw bedders in the PRIMOR range.

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Cutting mode

Positioned at the top of the turbine, the counter-blade guides the fodder over the cutting knives located at the end of the blade.

The positioning of the counter-blade can be adjusted from the cab using the electrical control panel, in order to handle different fibre lengths.

The high rotation speed of the turbine (620 min-1), combined with the 44 knives at the end of the blades, ensures high-speed cutting.

In chopping mode, the straw bedding range is 9 metres.

Separator capable of handling all types of feed, for long fibre feeding

The PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL is ideal for silage feeding, but is also capable of distributing long fibres such as hay or baled straw.

Thanks to the POLYDRIVE system, the separator has ample power for untangling long stands. It is also possible to cut up longer fibres by switching the counter-blade to the “active” position. Strand length can be adjusted by changing the position of the counter-blade.

The PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL is also fitted with a 60-section separator system (mounted on 10 discs) designed for optimal cutting of long, tricky foodstuffs. The 7 regulating tines spread the fodder across the whole length of the separator, ensuring a regular flow into the turbine.

Effective cutting and distribution without sacrificing the straw bedding function

Straw bedding mode

The retracted positioning of the counter-blade allows the product to flow freely through the turbine. The fodder is not cut by the knives positioned on the blades.

The ventilation spaces between each knife allow for maximum air flow during straw bedding.

The 17 m blowing range allows you to create quality litter in straw-strewn spaces, as with a standard straw bedder

Everyday comfort

Electric controls as standard

The electric controls ensure a smooth user experience. The compact control panel has been designed to fit inside all types of tractor cabs.

Enjoy full access to all the functions of your machine without leaving the driver’s seat.

The only operation requiring a remote control cable is changing the turbine speed (310 and 620 min-1).

Combined on a single control pad, you can change the direction of the chute and adjust the chute cap with one hand!

Dual tailgate and conveyor control

Installed as standard on the PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL, the tailgate dual controls allow you to load round bales with the greatest of ease (and without having to climb back into the tractor cab).

All bale formats

The gently-sloping tailgate is flush with the conveyor belt, facilitating the loading of round and square bales with no need for an external loader.

The tub fitted to the PRIMOR 4260 M CUT CONTROL has been designed to handle round (2 round bales up to 2 m in diameter) and square (1 square bale up to 2.7 m in length) bales of all sizes.

Designed to last!

The belt is a self-contained sub-unit, bolted to the machine body. The belt will last for many years, and can then be easily changed. In order to keep the belt clean, it is fitted with an integrated evacuation hatch as standard: no more
build-up at the bottom of the belt.


Technical characteristics

Capacity, loading door raised (m3)4.2
Tractor linkageSemi-mounted
UseChopping of dry products, feeding of all dry fodder and straw blowing into bedding areas
Separating systemdriven by POLYDRIVE system
LoadingHydraulic tailgate for loading of round bales on the ground
Max. blowing distanceOn the right up to 17m (9m if chopping function activated)
Turbine speed (min-1)310/620 (teleflex-controlled gear change)
TurbineTurbine bottom in K-NOX and turbine wheel with 44 oscillating knives + hydraulic counter-knife
ConveyorInterchangeable conveyor bolted on the body with double bottom and dump flap
Beam comprising regulating tines3-positition fixed beam (option hydraulically)
Dual control (positioned rear left)Tailgate control (optional)
Parking standTelescopic jack (adjustment by crank and by pin)
PTO shaftFree wheel and slip friction clutch
Tyres10/75 x 15.3 - 14 PR
LightsRoad Lights (LED)
PTO power requirement without silage bales kW (hp)74(100)
PTO power requirement with silage bales kW (hp)74(100)
Output mini/maxi (l/min) at 180 bar (pressure required)30-45
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement1 SA with free return
Weight, dimensions, number and dimensions of loaded balesSee Table