Much more than a simple front-end tank

The PF front-end sprayer is not just a simple front-mounted tank; it is a complete and independent sprayer. The combination of the PF and rear DELTIS 2 or ALTIS 2 sprayer can increase your autonomy by up to 100%.


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The combination of the rear sprayer + PF front-mounted sprayer offers capacities from 2,300 to 3,500 litres, with the performance of today's tractors. This assembly represents an economical solution compared to a self-propelled sprayer with the same capacity. The 1,000 or 1,500-litre PF front-mounted sprayer offers optimum distribution of weight on the tractor to maintain excellent stability, even on sloping terrain.

Your Benefits

Designed as a true sprayer

Functional finish

The PF front-mounted sprayer is not just a simple front-mounted tank. Its design, based on a boom sprayer, ensures it is autonomous and independent. The circuit on this sprayer includes product incorporation, mixing and rinsing functionalities. The sprayer’s sophisticated design offers the user excellent visibility at the tractor front. An easily visible, side-mounted needle gauge indicates the volume remaining in the tank.

Tanks with centralised filling

The clever assembly of the three PF tanks not only provides a compact outline but also centralises the filling of the tanks and makes it accessible from the front of the sprayer. When using the PF Select (base tank unit), the main tank and the rinsing tank can be added to reach a volume of 1,350 litres or 1,850 litres. The sprayer also features two storage compartments at the front.
Main tank actual capacity: 1,160 or 1,660 litres
Rinsing tank capacity: 190 litres
Hand-wash tank capacity: 16 litres

MANUSET operation

With the MANUSET manual control system, you’re in perfect control when preparing the spray mixture. The intuitive controls are centralised on the left-hand side of the sprayer.
Equipped with the PM 75 or PM 125 as standard, the PF features an external intake coupling for autonomous filling.


As standard, the electrically-driven pump (22 l/min) ensures proper mixing of the spray mixture and rinsing of the main tank at the end of spraying operations. Hydraulically-driven pumps are also available and can increase the flow rate to 75 or 125 l/min. The sprayer can thus be filled autonomously and coupled to an autonomous spraying kit.

DILUSET operation

With the DILUSET system, the 2 main control valves are motorised and the PF’s main functions are controlled directly from the cab: mixing and rinsing management. The dual command on the control panel allows controlling the inlet valve.

All in one, one hose is simpler

One single front - rear transfer hose

The combination of the PF front-end sprayer and DELTIS 2 or ALTIS 2 at the rear offers several options: a single total volume or 2 capacities with 2 different products. With the PF Select version, it can also simply be used as a supply of clean water or liquid nitrogen. The two sprayers are connected by a single tube which can be used for filling, transferring spray mixture and draining rinsing residues. Coupling/uncoupling is quick thanks to the use of CAM LOCK couplings. However, the hose can remain on the tractor once it is uncoupled.

Easy filling

The main tank can be filled several different ways:

  • Filling by the rear sprayer; the user can thus benefit from the programming of the filling volume as well as the induction bowl to prepare the spray mixture and transfer it directly to the front tank.
  • Autonomous filling by the PF’s pump, through the incorporation sieve for preparing the spray mixture

Tank management

During spraying operations, no additional control box for managing the tanks is required. Simply press the PF logo on the rear sprayer’s terminal, and the pump automatically alternates from the rear tank to the front tank. The user can thus very easily manage the draining of the front/rear assembly and modulate the tractor’s balance as he wishes.

Autonomous fertilisation and spraying kit for PF

Demand more from your PF with an autonomous kit

The PF sprayers equipped with a PM pump are ready for fitting an autonomous kit. The kit is positioned on a rear attachment (seed drill, tillage machine, etc.). The time required to change over from the PF/sprayer configuration to the PF/attachment configuration is reduced owing to the CAM LOCK quick disconnect couplings.

DPAE RPB regulation

The RPB control box automatically adapts spraying according to the tractor’s speed, offering optimal comfort and precision. It permanently displays the flow rate (l/ha), speed and working pressure. Owing to its compact design and CAN bus harness, the installation in the cab is very simple.

Spraying and fertilisation items

Two spraying items are available for localised applications: a module for spraying applications and a module for fertilisation applications. These modules are to be adapted directly onto the seed drill unit.


Technical characteristics

Tank capacity (l)1000-1500
Tank materialPolyethylene
Real tank capacity (l)1160/1160
Rinsing tank capacity (l)190
Chemical induction bowlStainless Steel basket optional
Type of pump12V - Piston-diaphragm PM75/PM125 Hydraulic drive
Pump output (l/min)22-75 or 125
Maximum pressure (bar)2.5 bars with 12V - 7 bars with PM
FiltrationDouble: Filling/suction
Transport height (m)1:25 (1000L) - 1.5 (1500L)
Type of regulation330 (1000L) - 400 (1500L)