Faster, bigger, higher performance

Working widths of 9 and 12 metres for professionals looking for the best performance in terms of work output, ease of use and work quality.


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The OPTIMER L 9000 and 12000 independent disc cultivators with 510 mm diameter discs enable shallow stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation for crop establishment. With working widths of 9 and 12 metres, they offer unbeatable work outputs of up to 20 ha/hour. KUHN's exclusive Steady Control ensures excellent working depth regularity thanks to constant pressure on the extension cylinders. With this range of large-width stubble cultivators, you reap all the benefit of KUHN's expertise in soil tillage designed to increase profit margins on your crops. The OPTIMER L 9000 and 12000 have 3 key strengths: constant ground following, large under beam clearance for working in the presence of residues and easy adjustments. The OPTIMER L 9000 and 12000 require a traction power of 270 to 480 hp. The working speed of 18 kph combined with excellent stubble ploughing quality will appeal to the most demanding users.

Your Benefits

KUHN aims high for your stubble cultivations

High work output

In recent years, working windows have been greatly reduced due to highly variable weather conditions. KUHN has fully understood this problem and that’s why it has developed a range of 9 and 12 metre stubble cultivators to increase your work output while maintaining optimal work quality. For successful stubble cultivations, the recommended working speed of 13 to 18 km/h means a work output of up to 20 hectares per hour! By working at high speeds, clods are crumbled more finely which improves the quality of the soil to residue mixture.
The OPTIMER L 9000 and 12000 have the highest underbeam clearance on the market (55 cm), enabling you to work in all types of residue without unwanted stoppages. The OPTIMER L 9000 and L 12000 are just the machines you need to destroy weeds and bury your cover crops.
The robust design and the use of high-quality steels ensure reliability in any conditions. This new range of wide-disc stubble cultivators guarantees quality stubble ploughing made simple.

Numerous agronomic benefits

Stubble cultivation is a key step in your soil tillage operations. It creates favourable conditions for the development of your next crop. The independent disc stubble cultivators with a disc diameter of 510 mm are ideal for shallow and intermediate-depth tillage. This range of independent disc stubble cultivators requires less traction than a cover crop while working at higher speeds, therefore promoting a good soil/straw mix.
In shallow stubble cultivations, you can use your independent disc stubble cultivator to:

  • Mechanically destroy weeds and plant cover crops
  • Bury straw,
  • Create a mulch effect,
  • Accelerate the decomposition of plant residue,
  • Control pests such as slugs, field mice, etc.,
  • Create stale seedbeds.

For soil preparation, the goals of your OPTIMER L 9000 and 12000 are to:

  • Prepare the soil from 3 to 10 cm deep,
  • Create a fine soil tilth to encourage a good soil-to-seed contact,
  • Aerate the soil to accelerate warming,
  • Continue working even in the presence of residue,
  • Create the ideal surface before planting the next crop.

The OPTIMER L 9000 and 12000 are complete

Controlled working depth

With working widths of 9 and 12 metres and working speeds between 13 and 18 kph, the OPTIMER L 9000-12000 significantly increase your work output. KUHN has developed the Steady Control system to ensure a constant working depth across the entire width of the tool, regardless of ground contours.
You will benefit from excellent ground following thanks to the chassis’ independent sections equipped with a pressure control system in the cylinders. The pressure is always the same thanks to the machine’s compensation system; either the oil returns to the tank when the extension is raised or oil is injected into the hydraulic system when it is lowered.
In addition, the OPTIMER L 12000 is equipped with 4 gauge wheels for improved stability.
Controlling the working depth reduces the need for traction which means less fuel consumption.

Easy to operate for your comfort

Simplicity, a key focus

With this new range of large-width stubble cultivators, KUHN aims to offer you machines with easy adjustments to improve your comfort and reduce downtime. To achieve this, the OPTIMER L 9000 – 12000 independent disc cultivators have a working depth adjustment with only 2 adjustment points: one on the drawbar and the other on the front left-hand depth wheel. The parallelogram-mounted front wheels keep the machine horizontal and ensure uniform work over the entire width of the tool. Hydraulic assistance provides higher working comfort.
To make sure you achieve the highest performance with your OPTIMER L, the pressure on the extensions can be adjusted to adapt to any soil conditions.
Finally, the KTS 22 control box lets you control your machine from the cab thanks to three indicators:

  • A right and left-hand extension position indicator
  • A work/transport mode indicator
  • A depth check indicator

Maximum transport safety

Switching from working to transport mode is simple and safe with a 4-step folding procedure:

  • step 1: disc gangs are raised upward and rearward
  • step 2: outer extensions are folded (on the 12 meter model) and the carrying frame is raised
  • step 3: central rollers are folded
  • step 4: inner extensions are folded

During transport, the discs are completely integrated into the machines structure thanks to the rasied disc position. The extensions are locked hydraulically to prevent unintentional opening. When folded up, the OPTIMER L 9000-12000 independent disc cultivators offer a compact size of 3 metres wide by 4 metres high, thus complying with European road-use standards. The central axle ensures stability and improved manoeuvrability.

Fast and easy to operate at the headlands

This new range of large-width stubble cultivators offers headland turning on the rollers. The operator can safely manoeuvre thanks to the machine’s optimum stability, regardless of the situation. The front gauge wheels provide support at the front of the machine with a 360° swivel capacity. At the rear, the rollers ensure support over the entire width of the tool.
From an agronomic point of view, you preserve your soil thanks to improved load distribution on each roller. This avoids compaction created by the tyres and greatly reduces pressure on headlands.
You save valuable time for headland manoeuvres. With the OPTIMER L 9000-12000 stubble cultivators, your benefit is two-fold: improved soil quality and higher work output.

High-performance equipment

The 510 mm diameter discs ensure successful stubble cultivations

The OPTIMER L 9000 and 12000 independent disc cultivators are equipped with 2 rows of 510 mm diameter discs. The diameter of the disc directly influences tillage. Its small diameter generates a high rotation speed, ensuring good soil expansion. They regulate the flow of soil over the entire tool width. The OPTIMER L 9000-12000 have only one disc per arm to minimise the risk of blockages.
Another key feature in the design: limited machine maintenance thanks to its lubricated-for-life hubs. The hubs are bolted to the arm to ensure greater resistance to lateral forces.
Each disc arm has an independent safety system featuring 4 elastomers for optimum control of the working depth. Finally, the disc bearings are mounted on the outside for easy passage through heavy residue.
KUHN offers 2 categories of discs according to the work required: small or large-notched discs.
510 mm discs with large notches:

  • 6 mm in thickness
  • working depth between 5 and 10 cm
  • disc angle: 6° vertical and 16° horizontal
  • high soil-penetration capacity of the discs

510 mm discs with small notches:

  • 6 mm in thickness
  • working depth between 3 and 6 cm
  • disc angle: 6° vertical and 16° horizontal
  • ideal for shallow stubble cultivations


Technical characteristics

Minimum allowable power (kW/hp)266/360
Maximum tractor power (kW/hp)442/600
Working width (m)12
Transport width (m)3
Notched disc diameter (mm)510
Number of discs96
Working depth (cm)From 3 to 10
Weight approx (kg) with Double U roller12 300
Front depth wheel400/60x15.5
Transport wheel560/60R22.5
Lighting systemFitted as standard