The best precision up to 10 km / h

With the new MAXIMA 3 seeding unit, you gain seeding precision while increasing your speed.


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KUHN innovates with the launch of the new pneumatic monograin seed drills MAXIMA 3. In order to meet a maximum of needs, 12 models have been created from 6 to 12 rows to seed between 37.5 and 80 cm. Dedicated to the growing of maize, sunflower, beets, rapeseed, sorghum, soy and beans, the MAXIMA 3 seed drills will become your best ally for successful seeding. This new range has a number of important advantages: precision, speed, reliability, robustness and adaptability.

Your Benefits

Better seeding precision

The best precision up to 10 km / h

By improving selection and seed ejection, the MAXIMA 3 improves its seeding precision up to 10 km / h. The seeding unit offers exceptional stability and guarantees a very regular seeding depth thanks to its powerful depth control system (180 kg max.). In addition, the seed drop point is located where the gauge wheels touch the ground for perfect seed placement.

Different chassis to meet a maximum of needs

The new MAXIMA 3 range adapts to all tractor powers and allows 6 to 12 rows to be seeded with different working widths.
Suitable for transport, our range of single grain seed drills offers a wide choice of fertiliser hopper options or microgranulators that can equip our MAXIMA 3.
All the available undercarriages are detailed below:

  • MAXIMA 3 TS: Single telescopic, this undercarriage has a reduced transport width, it can work in stony conditions to seed 6 to 8 rows with spacings between 55 and 80 cm.
  • MAXIMA 3 TD: Double telescopic, this model is ideal for small journeys. Designed to seed 6 rows, you have the choice between front or rear wheels to pass on stony or low-bearing capacity sandy soil type.
  • MAXIMA 3 TD L: Double wide telescopic, like the TD it also allows you to benefit from a 7th row while avoiding rolling over the future seeding line.
  • MAXIMA 3 TI: Indexable telescopic, this model makes it possible to seed several crops with adjustable spacings.
  • MAXIMA 3 TI L: Wide indexable telescopic, can seed 8 rows with wide spacings of 45 to 80 cm to adapt to beets, corn or soy.
  • MAXIMA 3 TIM: Multiple indexable telescopic, allows several different crops to be seeded with small spacings.
  • MAXIMA 3 TIM L: Wide multiple indexable telescopic, offers the possibility to assemble up to 8 seed rows for maize or sunflower and 9 rows for soybean and rapeseed.

Evolution of the distribution and pressure of the soil

The new MAXIMA 3 seeding unit also has 2 major improvements:

  • Constant depth control pressure, simple and easy to adjust without tools. There are 4 different setting positions with a total of 180 kg of disc pressure. A single spring stabilises the position of the unit and allows for better seed placement.
  • Distribution is also improved with an optimised selection thanks to the internal wall. The new ejector accompanies the seed more precisely. Combined with a modified dispensing hatch with a clean air cut to ensure optimal seed release. The discs of the unit have more holes to ensure perfect seed selection.

Maximum comfort of use

Simple and intuitive settings

The MAXIMA 3 range has easy and intuitive settings. To facilitate the use of the seeding unit, the adjustments are done without tools for greater comfort and speed. The depth control pressure, the debris clearer and the gauge wheel are some examples of this simplicity.

A robust and reliable unit

The new parallelogram in moulded parts accentuates the robustness of the seeding unit. The fertiliser burier as well as the entire plate of the unit have also been modified for greater longevity. The burier has been resized and the materials used are more robust to ensure the reinforcement of this unit. Thanks to this, the penetration capacity is greater. The MAXIMA 3 also has fewer wear parts.

Equipment adapted to all needs

The MAXIMA 3 range is equipped with 3 types of equipment:

  • front equipment: clod remover and debris clearer
  • intermediate equipment: intermediate wheel, closing discs and closing scrapers
  • rear equipment: V-Max roller, V-HD roller and OTIFLEX roller

All this equipment allows a good management of plant debris and guarantees an optimal seed / soil environment.
Details of each one can be found in the equipment and options section.

Seed drills linked to new technologies

Discover e-precision

The new MAXIMA 3 seeding unit has an optional electric distribution drive that offers many advantages:

  • adjustment of the seed population from the cabin for more rapid execution and optimum comfort of use
  • dose modulation while seeding thanks to the anti-skid property of the drive wheels. This ensures that the seed dose per hectare is perfectly respected
  • a row cut by GPS or manually. This first one operates by stopping the engine on each row without loss of seed. This ensures significant seed savings
  • a short-term reduction in machine maintenance with less lubrication in season and fewer wear parts.

Increased performance thanks to the ISOBUS CCI 1200 terminal

You can easily manage your seed drill with ISOBUS solutions:

  • automatic row cut by GPS to avoid recrossing in the tips
  • improved yields (average increase of 3% with seed rate modulation)
  • reduced seed costs

The new ISOBUS CCI 1200 terminal brings increased performance; better visibility,
greater flexibility. Its large touch screen allows the display of several
pieces of essential information and their simultaneous viewing by the driver. This new terminal offers a market rarity since it allows
two different interfaces to be viewed on the same screen.

Fertiliser / Microgranulator

There are 3 types of hoppers available with the MAXIMA 3 single grain seed drills:
fertilisation with 2 hoppers of 260 l
fertilisation with 1 hopper of 950 l
fertilisation with 1 hopper of 1350 l
You will be able to fertilise between 30 and 330 kg per hectare thanks to a fluted batcher.
There are also different models of fertiliser buriers for all situations: Non-Stop plough burier and staggered Non-Stop disc burier.
And two types of incorporation are possible with the microgranulators:
in the furrow (insecticide or starter fertiliser)
on the seeding line (anti-slug)


Technical characteristics