The MASTER L, placed between the MASTER 153 and 183.

Is designed for intensive use on medium-sized farms.


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Design is for tractors from 200 to 300 hp. It combines power, reliability and work quality to offer the best ploughing performance. The MASTER L mounted plough improves the productivity of your crops and preserves agronomic value of your soils by effectively burying organic matter. Larger working widths and great manoeuvrability to reduce your operating costs. Available from 4 to 6 bodies with a multiple or variable width system and with traction bolt or non-stop hydraulic safety, the MASTER L range is also equipped with numerous exclusives and a wide choice of equipment to meet the expectations of farms and contractors alike. The MASTER L is the new reference in high precision ploughing thanks to its simple and ingenious adjustments.

Your Benefits

Gain in performance while reducing your costs

Pro-Set adjustment system

Ploughing comfort ensures you can set-up of your plough quickly and easily. With the “Pro-Set” system, the user is guaranteed perfect alignment during work thanks to the front furrow correction, limiting wear, facilitating traction and reducing fuel consumption.

Limited overhang without compromising on stability

The clever design of the VARI-MASTER L means the depth wheel is closer to the frame, so you can plough closer to the field edge. Several wheel positions are available to best adapt to your ploughs configuration. Whether you have an extension fitted or not, the wheel can be positioned within the outline of the plough. Fields can be ploughed closer to the boundary to limit weed propagation. For improved stability, a depth wheel can also be installed at the end of the beam which can improve the traction.

3D-Skim skimmer adjustment

The patented “3D-Skim” adjustment is simple, fast and tool-free for a quick and easy adjustment in all conditions. In a single operation, you can simultaneously adjust the skimmer’s working depth and angle of attack. The skimmer’s profile is also key, the VARI-MASTER L skimmer has an ergonomic shape to help with soil flow.

Comfort without compromise

Work on land or in furrow

MULTI and VARI-MASTER L mounted reversible ploughs are available in On Land or in furrow versions.

Precise and tool-free adjustments

With the MASTER L plough, the operator won’t be wasting time on tedious adjustments, KUHN looks after the operator by making the ploughs simple and precise to use. All adjustments can be hydraulically controlled from the tractor cab. This option is strongly recommended if your soil conditions change across the farm. The fine and precise adjustments of the MASTER L also allow you to reduce fuel consumption and premature wear.

OptiDrive headstock

The headstock of the VARI-MASTER L is available in category 3N, 3 and 4N. With fixed coupling yokes, it is simple to attach the plough and easy to adjust the height of the lower linkage to maximise the tractor’s traction. The OptiDrive headstock makes it easy to switch between work and transport position with no need to unhook or adjust the top link for transport position. The OptiDrive headstock also integrates a shock absorption system. This suspension significantly improves driver comfort during the turnover and transport phases while also protecting the plough and the tractor.

Robustness, the driving force of KUHN ploughs

A mechanically welded structure

The MASTER L mounted ploughs retain all the strengths that are key to the MASTER 123, 153 and 183 series. The mechanically welded structure offers the best long term performance to the MASTER L plough :

  • The one-piece headstock is designed to accept up to 300 hp.
  • The linkage allows a maximum offset to be reached without penalising the plough’s weight.
  • The reinforced structure stiffens the entire plough beyond the centre of gravity.

The frame design reinforces the robustness of the MASTER L:

  • The use of high tensile steel helps lighten the plough without reducing its performance.
  • The optimal weight distribution increases the stability and manoeuvrability of the VARI-MASTER L.
  • The KUHN MASTER L plough is designed to stand the test of time without penalising ploughing performance.

A system of variable width, 100% integrated into the frame

The variable width linkage of the VARI-MASTER L is a KUHN exclusive, which is fully integrated into the beam of the plough. No maintenance is required because the system is fully protected from dust and debris. This saves considerable time and money, ensuring the profitability of your VARI-MASTER L plough. The variable width system incorporates a memory cylinder, allowing the cutting width to be maintained after each turnover. In addition, this system also positions the first body automatically according to the cutting width.

The VARI-MASTER L allows the operator to instantly adapt the plough to your working conditions without any effort.

MULTI-MASTER L benefits from one of the simplest adjustments on the market. Thanks to the new MULTI positioning system, changing the working width is easy without having to remove the bolts. With the MULTI-MASTER, work outputs are high with a working width of up to 20 inches (50 cm per body).

High quality parts to keep you working for longer

High quality parts to repel wear

KUHN provides you with high quality wearing parts manufactured and forged in our factories. The mouldboards of the VARI-MASTER L benefit from TRIPLEX technology with uneven layers. TRIPLEX is a KUHN exclusive, guaranteeing you ploughing of very high quality and an unequalled wear reserve. It consists of three layers of different hardness and different thickness to optimise the wear resistance of the mouldboards:

1.  The 3.3mm wearing face consists of a thicker and extremely hard layer to maximise the longevity of the board.

2.  The 2.3mm central layer is softer to absorb shocks and allow for some deformation

3.  The last layer is a very thin and hard layer to maintain the structure and rigidity of the board

Combined with heat treatment, the uneven-layered TRIPLEX guarantees your mouldboards up to 40% longer life. The points and shares are forged to push the limits of wear while maintaining optimal penetration capacity and very good working of the plough bodies.


Technical characteristics