The MASTER 183 mounted reversible ploughs, available in 5, 6 and 7 bodies.

Are suitable for intensive use by farmers and contractors, with tractors up to 385 hp


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KUHN has developed the MASTER 183 mounted ploughs to enable farmers and contractors to benefit from a robust plough capable of ploughing a large number of hectares in difficult conditions with a remarkable quality of work. The MASTER 183 ploughs allow you to preserve the agronomic value of your soils while guaranteeing increased productivity. The profitability of your company depends on reliable, high-performance machines such as the MASTER 183 ploughs. Original KUHN wearing parts guarantee better working quality and longer machine life. Whether you opt for a MASTER 183 plough with variable or multiple width, traction bolt or hydraulic safety, you will quickly reap the benefits of your investment.

Your Benefits

The ideal solution for difficult conditions

Robust design to withstand the most extreme conditions

The MASTER 183 ploughs are equipped with a 180 x 180 mm beam reinforced by a profile welded beyond the plough’s centre of gravity to increase strength.
This range, available in 5, 6 and 7 furrows, is ideal for contractors, cooperatives and farms with tractors between 170 and 385 hp. The MASTER 183 is an enduring mounted reversible plough with high work rates.
The hollow turnover shaft in treated steel allows the passage of hydraulic hoses to protect them from damage and twisting. Just like the other MASTER ploughs, the 183 is equipped with a forged and treated monobloc headstock for better resistance.
The longevity of the MASTER 183 ploughs allows you to reduce maintenance costs and ensure the profitability of your investment.
2 width change systems are available: multiple or variable. The MULTI-MASTER ploughs have 4 working widths, 35, 40, 45 and 50 cm (14, 16, 18 and 20 inches) with mechanical adjustment by changing the bolts in the beam. The variable width ploughs, from 30 to 48 cm (12 to 19 inches), integrate all the elements in the frame for maximum protection against wear. By choosing a VARI-MASTER 183 model, you will gain versatility: adaptation to the available traction, alternating ploughing depth, finish, difficult subsoiling, etc.

The OPTIDRIVE headstock

The Optidrive is a suspended headstock with a fully integrated mechanism consisting of two jacks and accumulators connected to a double inner jib crank. This suspension adapts to the weight of different ploughs by changing the pressure in the hydraulic system. The Optidrive ensures greater user comfort as it guarantees the flexibility of the tractor-plough linkage and dampens jolts during manoeuvres. In addition, it makes transport easier: the driver no longer needs to unhook or adjust the 3rd point. Simply unlock the double stem to release the top link.
The Optidrive system is locked automatically when the plough is ploughing to ensure optimum work quality and tractor draft control. At the headland, the suspension is active and protects both the tractor and the plough.
The Optidrive headstock is available as standard on the MASTER 183 range.

On-Land ploughing

Soil life is essential to promote plant growth. Limiting soil compaction is one of the levers for preserving and enriching it. With KUHN’s high-capacity on land version, it is possible to limit the impact of ploughing on soil compaction. KUHN MASTER 183 OL ploughs allow the use of extra wide tyres or even tracks to reduce the pressure exerted on the soil and increase the tractor’s traction capacity. On the driver’s side, comfort is enhanced. The tractor is out of the furrow and works flat, which greatly reduces the amount of movement in the cab.

Safety at all levels

2 choices of safety

KUHN offers 2 choices of safety device on its MASTER 183 ploughs. The Safe-T safety device with traction bolt is a robust and economical solution. It is triggered after a share point load of 4700 kg and results in a clear break of the traction bolt. The working depth remains constant even after multiple triggers. The effectiveness of the safety is not compromised over time because the bolt is only affected by traction. The 16 mm diameter bolt is easy to replace without the risk of blockages.
The Hydro-Safe hydraulic safety offers an increasing and decreasing release curve when an obstacle is encountered. This prevents the risk of the bodies being thrown around. In addition, all the safety elements are integrated into the plough to prevent blockages and improve the flow of soil and the passage of residues.
To further enhance ploughing quality, the VARIBAR option provides immediate adaptation to working conditions from the cab by varying the pressure at the share point.
The MAXIBAR is an option that provides instantaneous release pressure of up to 2500 kg, ideal for ploughing in heavy soils.

Independent skimmers with total safety

Located just before the plough body, the skimmer cuts and turns over the first few centimetres of the strip of land. Its role is essential to ensure 100% burying of the residues in the bottom of the furrow. The MASTER 183 mounted reversible ploughs have independent skimmers mounted on a sheath to guarantee a very good hold without any risk of sliding or rotation. The skimmer adjustment is based on 3 settings:

  • The height can be adjusted through the adjustment holes;
  • The longitudinal adjustment allows to adapt the burying through 3 positions;
  • The lateral adjustment allows to optimise the position of the skimmer.

The skimmers are equipped with a bolt safety device that ensures a clean break after a force of 1800 kg at the coulter tip and the anti-loss pin prevents the skimmers from being lost during work.

Safe transport

The transport wheel with suspension secures your MASTER 183 plough during transport and allows you to drive at 25 km/h in accordance with road traffic regulations. This 660 mm diameter wheel is equipped with an elastomer block suspension and is mounted at the rear of the plough to protect the frame and tractor from possible shocks during road transport. The transport position is easily set by pulling the handle to tilt the wheel. Thanks to the suspension on the transport wheel, the driver saves time when changing between two fields without the risk of damaging the tractor or the plough.

High output and work versatility

Quick and easy start-up

KUHN makes sure that its ploughs are easy to handle to save you time and provide you with greater operating comfort. This is why the MASTER 183 mounted ploughs are equipped with combined front furrow width/angling as standard. The front furrow width adjusts the first plough body and the angling adjusts the alignment of the plough. By combining these 2 settings you obtain a perfectly adjusted plough in one action. In this way, you reduce the wear of your working parts and optimise the available tractive power.
The combined adjustment of front furrow width and angling is exclusive to KUHN and guarantees the long life of your plough as all the pins are locked against rotation and mounted on bushes.

Optimal adaptation

The VARI and MULTI-MASTER 183 ploughs have 96 cm inter-body clearance to guarantee the best ploughing quality even in the presence of abundant plant residues.
Ultra versatile, the MASTER 183 range allows the use of high-power tractors with tyre clearance widths of over 1.45 metres. The change of the tyre spacing is done by simply adjusting the connecting rods.
The MASTER 183 is the ideal plough for large farms and contractors. It combines the manoeuvrability of a mounted plough with the endurance of a semi-mounted plough and offers a quick and easy adaptation to different working conditions.

Performance of KUHN original wear parts

Wear parts for MASTER 183 ploughs have been designed and manufactured in our Châteaubriant factory for decades. This know-how, acquired over more than 100 years, enables us to offer a range of high-performance parts to get the best out of your plough. The points and shares are forged under a press, stamped and treated to give them very good resistance to wear whatever your working conditions. The profile of the parts has been studied at length to increase their lifespan while ensuring optimum penetration in the soil. A range of carbide shares and points are available for a longer life.
KUHN offers exclusive TRIPLEX mouldboards with uneven layers. Three layers of steel, including a very hard layer on the working side, make up the mouldboard with the aim of increasing wear resistance. This top-of-the-range mouldboard is fitted as standard on all MASTER ploughs.


Technical characteristics