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KUHN has developed the MASTER 123 range with 3 to 6 bodies, for medium power tractors


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KUHN MASTER ploughs are considered as the market reference in mounted ploughs by farmers all over the world. The unique design of the MASTER 123 ploughs guarantees outstanding ploughing quality to obtain the best yields from your crops and ensure the sustainability of your farm. The MASTER 123 differs from competing ploughs by: - its ease of use with quick and effortless adjustments allowing you to work in complete peace of mind during your ploughing operations; - its quality of turning and burying of residues and weeds; - its robustness with a solid structure featuring many KUHN exclusives. The MULTI and VARI-MASTER 123 mounted reversible ploughs benefit from original KUHN forged and treated wearing parts offering the best value for money. Finally, by investing in a MASTER 123 plough, you benefit from KUHN's reputation and know-how and are sure to benefit from a resale value higher than that of the competition.

Your benefits

Designed for medium horse power tractors

Perfectly suited to medium-sized farms

KUHN MASTER 123, 153 and 183 mounted ploughs have a common objective: to help you quickly reap the benefits of your investment. Mounted MASTER ploughs are designed to meet the needs of medium-sized farms for versatility, adaptation to working conditions, comfort and reliability.
The MASTER 123 is available from 3 to 6 bodies and has a 120 x 120 mm beam. It is ideal for medium sized farms with tractors from 65 to 210 hp, who want a versatile, easy to use and robust plough for ploughing in light to medium soils.

Several clearances to adapt to all conditions

Your plough must meet all your working requirements. To do this, KUHN offers 2 choices of clearance between points on MASTER 123 ploughs. In order to make your choice, you must take into account the following considerations:

  • the volume of residue;
  • is the straw chopped or baled;
  • the shredding or destruction of plant cover before the plough passes over.

There are 2 clearances available for the MASTER 123 models:

  • 90 cm: this clearance between points is ideal when straw is removed. The plough remains very compact and is therefore easier to handle.
  • 102 cm: this clearance is recommended for destroying live plant cover or burying a mattress of previously shredded residue. In this configuration, the flow of soil circulates more easily between 2 bodies while maintaining an optimal position of the skimmers. The quality of ploughing is maintained despite the high presence of residues.


The MASTER 123 ploughs are available with a multiple or variable cutting width system.

  • The MULTI-MASTER 123 ploughs allow ploughing at different widths: 35, 40 or 45 cm (14′, 16′ or 18′). The mechanical adjustment provides a simple and quick change of the cutting width by repositioning a bolt to pivot the bodies. bolts in the yokes to orientate the ages.
    The multiple widths are ideal for farms with little change in working conditions in homogeneous soils, a uniform field with a few hills and consistent residue quantities.
  • VARI-MASTER ploughs have a system with instant adaptation of the cutting width to the working conditions. Width change is made using an hydraulic adjustment from the operator’s seat. The variable width system is fully integrated into the beam of the VARI-MASTER 123 to provide optimum protection for the mechanism. Depending on the clearance between the plough bodies, the cutting width changes from 30 to 50 cm (12′ to 20′).
    The VARI-MASTER 123 ploughs meet the requirements of machinery buying groups and farmers with changing ploughing conditions in terms of available tractive power, terrain unevenness, adherence, amount of residue, etc.

Traction bolt or hydraulic safety?

KUHN offers 2 types of safety devices on the MASTER 123 mounted reversible ploughs: the Safe-T traction bolt safety device or the Hydro-Safe hydraulic non-stop safety device.

  • The Safe-T bolt safety device ensures that the bolt breaks cleanly by traction after a peak load of 3,000 kg. This prevents the safety system from being overloaded too frequently. The ploughing depth remains constant, even after repeated triggering. The Safe-T safety is an economical solution for a plough that is lighter than a hydraulic safety device. This safety is recommended in soil without stones or rocks.
  • The Hydro-Safe safety is suitable for all working conditions. The release pressure on the body differs according to the chosen working width, ploughing speed and soil type. Thanks to the hydraulic hose, the pressure can be varied without mechanical intervention on the plough. The Hydro-Safe safety device ensures a constant working depth and prevents stone lifting. The plough returns to the ground quickly: the greater the resistance to the body lifting, the more instantly the body returns to the ground.

To boost the performance of your plough, KUHN offers 2 options:

  • the VARIBAR option varies the pressure at the share point at any time, from the cab and at work, so the plough immediately adapts to the working conditions.
  • the MAXIBAR option offers instant overload (600 to 2500 kg) of the safety devices for ploughing in very heavy soils.

Settings at your fingertips

Optimised start-up

The MASTER 123 mounted reversible plough concentrates its main adjustments in the middle section. So, when setting up the plough in the field, you only need to adjust the offset to optimise ploughing quality and then the point of traction adapts automatically without touching the slope setting. The hydraulic offset option allows you to adjust the working quality of the MASTER 123 from the tractor cab.
For better use, KUHN suggests that you:

  1. Measure the distance between the tyres of your tractor.
  2. Choose the most appropriate adjustment range.
  3. Adjust the plough offset to optimise the draw line.

Quick adjustments without tools

In addition to the quality of the work, the plough should be easy to use with intuitive settings to save you time during working periods. The MASTER 123 ploughs offer quick adaptation to any ploughing circumstances. Vertical, depth and offset adjustments are carried out without tools and have been designed to limit fuel consumption and increase the service life of wearing parts. The perfectly adjusted MASTER 123 plough ensures quality work and cost savings. As an option, KUHN offers hydraulic adjustment of the offset, NSH pressure, working depth and vertical settings. As soon as a change of condition occurs, the operator can adjust the various settings of the MASTER 123 from the operator’s seat without stopping ploughing.

High quality know-how

A solid and reliable plough

The MASTER 123 mounted ploughs are designed to give you the best ploughing performance. To this end, the MASTER 123 ploughs are equipped with a mechanically welded structure and a forged and treated monobloc connecting rod. In addition, the reinforcement triangle ensures a very good distribution of the plough’s weight with a centre of gravity close to the tractor.
The design of the MASTER 123 with its sleek design has been thought out to prevent soil piling up on the plough and to simplify cleaning.
KUHN strives to ensure the quality of the materials used in the construction of its machines is second to none. The MASTER 123 mounted plough uses high quality steels and a manufacturing process that ensures increased strength and reliability.

Total protection of the variable width mechanism

The VARI-MASTER 123 models have a variable width system integrated into the plough frame. This exclusivity provided by KUHN guarantees exceptional durability of the plough as it is totally protected from external attacks such as falling stones, soil or corrosion. As a bonus, the 100% integrated variable width system is maintenance-free. It is designed with chrome-plated, rotationally locked and bushed pins to prevent wear and malfunction of the mechanism.

Choose original KUHN wear parts

The quality and profitability of your MASTER 123 plough depends on the use of original KUHN wear parts. For over a century KUHN has been designing and manufacturing the wear parts for which it is renowned in its forges. Very high quality materials are used with a concentration of material on the highest wearing parts. Original KUHN shares and points are forged and treated to push back the limits of use while maintaining an irreproachable ploughing quality thanks to an optimised profile. The mouldboards of the MASTER 123 ploughs benefit from TRIPLEX uneven layer technology. KUHN is the only manufacturer to offer this exclusive 3 unequal layer mouldboard with a very hard steel on the working side and a heat treatment to increase the durability of the mouldboard.


Technical characteristics

Beam configuration E: Extensible3E, 4 (3 + 1), 4E, 5 (4 +1), 5E, 6 (5E + 1)3E, 4 (3 + 1), 4E, 5 (4 +1), 5E, 6 (5E + 1)
Max Tractor Power77/105, 103/140, 129/175, 155/21077/105, 103/140, 129/175, 155/210
(Traction Bolt Leg Protection) Weight (kg)940, 1160, 1270, 1490, 1585, 18301020, 1260, 1355, 1590, 1730, 1970
(Traction Bolt Leg Protection) Working width (in/cm)14'' - 16'' and 18'' 35 - 40 and 45cm12'' to 18'' (in 90) 30 to 45cm or 12'' to 20'' (in 102) 30 to 50cm / 12'' to 18'' 30 to 45cm
(Traction Bolt Leg Protection) Clearance (cm)(Under beam) 75 option 80 (in 102) / 75(Under beam) 75 option 80 (in 102) / 75
(Traction Bolt Leg Protection) point to point90 or 102 / 9090 or 102 / 90
(NSH leg protection) Weight (kg)1165, 1420, 1525, 17851250, 1500, 1630, 1880
(NSH leg protection) Working width (in/cm)14'' - 16'' and 18'' 35 - 40 and 45cm12'' to 18'' (in 90) 30 to 45cm or 12'' to 12'' (in 102) 30 to 50cm
(NSH leg protection) Clearances (cm)(Under beam) 75 / (Point to point) 90 or 102(Under beam) 75 / (Point to point) 90 or 102