A small model for summer or winter

Pushed or trailed salt, sand and fertiliser spreader with a capacity of 55 l for a maximum load of 60 kg. Easy to use and convenient, you will use it in all seasons.


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The K51 multi-purpose spreader is intended for spreading salt, sand and fertiliser. In winter, it ensures the safety of passers-by on driveways and sidewalks on both public and private roads. In the spring or summer, it is used for the maintenance of green spaces (e.g. fertiliser on lawns). The original design of the K 51 spreader allows it to be either pushed manually or trailed, for example, by a small tractor. It only takes a few minutes to convert the pushed version to a trailed version.

Your Benefits

This multi-purpose spreader is fitted with an efficient agitator

Smooth product stirring

The agitator’s design creates a smooth stirring and a steady flow of products while taking care of their granulation.

More practical with two drive wheels!

Easier travel with the double drive

The presence of two drive wheels gives you excellent grip in winter conditions as well as effective distribution drive. They also prevent damage risk to lawns. When reversing, the distribution is disengaged by a built-in freewheel.

Simple and precise distribution

Simple and precise distribution

The finely graduated adjustment plate and adjustable deflectors allow obtaining a precise distribution in terms of application rate and over the working width.


Technical characteristics

K 51
Working width (m)0.50 to 6.00 depending on the product
Hopper capacity (l)55
Maximum authorized carrying capacity (kg)60
Maximum capacity (l)55
Application rate controlWith lever on graduated adjustment plate
Outlet controlMechanical
Disc driveBy the wheels - Possibility to work in pushed or trailed version (drawbar supplied)
Weight (kg)24