The all-terrain mower for hills

Their compactness and light weight design makes them perfectly suited to working on steep sloping terrain.


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Compact front mowers are moving upmarket with the GMD 1021 F range. KUHN offer two working widths with the GMD 2721 F (2.7m) and the GMD 3121 F (3.14m). Their compactness and light weight design make them perfectly suited to working on steep sloping terrain.

Your Benefits

Control on land with slopes exceeding 30%

A design which makes the difference

The compact design of the GMD 1021 F range is ideally adapted to smaller sized tractors or alpine tractors. These machines can be coupled to standard tractors as well as specialist tractors for sloping terrain. AEBI or REFORM as their weight is limited to 575 kg and 635 kg respectivley. The machine’s floatation is ensured by 2 springs or the suspension integrated into the tractor linkage. The pendulum-type articulation reaches a travel range of +/- 8° for adequate ground following.

OPTIDISC ELITE: the optimum cut

Quality of cut: impeccable

The new OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar was developed with farmers. Variable spacing between the discs, large overlap zones and the reduced angle of the OPTIDISC cutter bar will provide you with the quality you need. FC 1030 TRIPLES are equipped with this cutter bar and its latest upgrades that guarantee a clean cut at all times. The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar includes exclusive features:

  • Spacing is reduced at the point where the discs diverge to increase knife overlap. This results in a clean cut, even in light or short grasses. (A)
  • Distance is increased at the point where the discs converge. This makes more space for the crop to pass through which is quickly carried away to the rear so that the mower can do its job undisrupted. (B)
  • The overlap zone is almost doubled resulting in better cutting quality in damp sticky ground (or with mole hills), in heavy and laying crops, and in plant cover harvested at the end of autumn.
  • A smaller pitch angle: this prevents the undulating cut which is typical with close mowing. It also stimulates homogeneous and faster regrowth and makes it easier to adjust the machines that follow.
  • New disc bearings with exclusive shape and attachment which hold the knives firmly in place in the event of impact while granting 360° rotational freedom.

Earth can build up in front of a cutter bar on hilly plots or in wet and sticky conditions, but not with the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar! It has specially designed skids to improve sliding and preserve the sward. Another advantage for forage quality, especially in difficult conditions.

Maximum reliability and stability

The cutter bar has been designed to cope well with obstacles. Being equipped with the PROTECTADRIVE safety system, in the event of a violent impact between a disc and an obstacle, the shaft holding the disc can shear just above the bearing thanks to a carefully dimensioned shear groove. Therefore the gear wheels are protected. In less than 15 minutes, the machine can back up and running with a low repair cost.
KUHN advantage: Disc-bearing stations are attached by long bolts that pass through the entire cutter bar. This eliminates any risk of the mounts being torn out of the cutter bar in the event of an impact. Top-of-the-range components strengthen the centre piece of the cutter bar:

  • Special disc-bearing station with a double row of angular contact ball bearings.
  • Large-diameter gearwheels in high-precision forged steel with 3 cogs engaged.
  • Forged and heat-treated discs.
  • Disc skids made from treated steel with the option of adding a bolt on protective layer.

In order to lengthen the machine’s service life, shock absorbers are integrated in between the cutter bar and chassis. The structure of the machine is less affected by impacts, especially when working at fast forward speeds.

FAST-FIT: 100% safe attachment

The mowers are fitted as standard with a FAST-FIT quick release knife attachment. A powerful leaf spring ensures a constant pressure on the knife’s attachement for increased safety. You only need a few minutes to change a knife. Note that the knife is free to rotate around 360°. A removable knife box makes knife replacement on the OPTIDISC cutter bar easier

Ergonomics combined with practicality

The FLEXPROTECT guard: save on repair costs

To avoid damage during mowing, around the edge of the fields or along trees, the outer FLEXPROTECT guard bends and then returns to its initial shape. This design avoids additional repair costs. Unfolding of the guards is easily done manually or can optionally be done hydraulically

Components to consider

Machine uncoupling, coupling and cleaning are all easily carried out and are perfectly in line with the modern style of the machine.

Faster drying with the TC 320 conditioner

Weather windows are often very short in hilly areas. For fast forage harvesting, you must maximise your chances. Couple the TC 320 conditioner at the rear in combination with a front mounted GMD 1021 F mower to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.


Technical characteristics

GMD 2721 F-FF COMPACT 1000GMD 3121 F-FF COMPACT 1000
Working width (m)2.703.14
Transport width (m)2.553.00
Number of discs with wear skids6 - 2 out of 6 are high cone discs on each cutter bar end6 - 2 out of 6 are high cone discs on each cutter bar end
Blade attachmentFAST-FIT quick release FAST-FIT quick release
Cutting height range with standard skids (mm)35 to 6535 to 65
Gear train protection systemPROTECTADRIVE safety systemPROTECTADRIVE safety system
Ground followingtransversal through the pivot point integrated in the central gearboxtransversal through the pivot point integrated in the central gearbox
Headland turning positionwith tractor lift with tractor lift
Average swath width (m)1.31.5
Setting into transport positionFLEXPROTECT manual folding side protectors (hydraulic as option)FLEXPROTECT manual folding side protectors (hydraulic as option)
PTO speed (min-1)2 versions: 1000 or 540 - direction of rotation seen from the tractor seat: to left or right (factory setting)2 versions: 1000 or 540 - direction of rotation seen from the tractor seat: to left or right (factory setting)
Free wheelintegrated in the side gearboxintegrated in the side gearbox
Theoretical tractor power requirement (kW/hp)27/3237/43
Required tractor hydraulic connectionstractor front lift in single acting (or double acting with floating position) tractor front lift in single acting (or double acting with floating position)
Road lights and signalling on front and rearas standard as standard
Approx. weight (kg) - With A-frame attachment575635