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The first mower with 3.10 m and 3,50 m working width, combining conditioner, LIFT-CONTROL suspension kinematics and vertical folding joins the KUHN mounted mower conditioner family.


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KUHN's new mounted mower conditioners; FC 3115 D/R and FC 3515 D/R, for the first time combine; conditioner, LIFT-CONTROL suspension kinematics and vertical folding! These complementary models offer a working width of 3.10m and 3,50m. Intended for forage operations or contractors, they can be combined with a front mower for increased work output. With the exclusive LIFT-CONTROL suspension system combined with NON STOP safety, these mower conditioners maintain constant ground following which is easily adaptable to the conditions. The machines are equipped with the maintenance free OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar featuring its latest upgrades and the FAST-FIT quick release knife system.

Your Benefits

The first KUHN vertical folding FC

Conditioning with pivoting steel fingers

The DIGIDRY pivoting steel finger conditioner is perfectly adapted to difficult conditions. This 540 mm roller offers an exceptional conditioning capacity:

  • Uniform drying over a large width even in difficult conditions.
  • Limited power requirement for heavy or long forage.
  • The pivoting fingers are able to avoid foreign bodies.
  • Delivery of the forage in swaths or wide spreading.

It can easily be adapted to the forage type via the two conditioner speeds. Reducing the speed is ideal for delicate forage and saving fuel, for example when performing late mowing with less forage (755 rpm). The speed can be increased in dense forage (1000 rpm).

Conditioning with SQUAREFLEX polyurethane rollers

The conditioner fitted with the SQUAREFLEX rollers with a special profile is ideal for delicate forage such as lucerne and is also very well adapted to heavy and long forage such as meslin or rye grass. Thanks to the specific print of the polyurethane rollers, plants are pinched by a regular movement. Their large diameter provides a high capacity facilitating evacuation to the rear and preventing forage from coiling. The setting of the pressure between the rollers is made by an easily accessible adjustment screw. The spacing between the rollers leaves room for most foreign bodies to pass through. On a mechanical level, the lower roller is driven by 2 gearboxes and a maintenance-free drive. The upper roller is driven by a special gear train. Benefit from a life-long perfect synchronisation and reduced maintenance time! In 2016, a test made by Arvalis (French agronomical institute) with the Chamber of Agriculture and the machinery cooperative FD CUMA demonstrated the interest of the rollers. You can save approximately 100 Euros per ha and cut and obtain a drying of close to 80 % of DM already on the second night when other solutions only obtain this result on the third night. Something to think about, when deciding on your next purchase.

126° vertical folding

The mowing unit folds 126° to obtain maximum compactness for transport and an optimal balance on the tractor rear wheels.

Consistent forage quality

LIFT-CONTROL suspension: the asset of clean forage!

The hydro-pneumatic suspension LIFT-CONTROL system with an accummulator replaces the conventional spring. An efficient and constant suspension ensures a regular cutting height, reduces pulling power requirement and protects the plant cover while ensuring limited introduction of impurities in the swath.

OPTIDISC ELITE: breathtaking quality

The new OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar has been developped with farmers/users. The different disc spacing, large overlap areas and low mowing angle provide the required quality of cut. Fitted with this cutter bar including its latest upgrades, the FC 3115 and FC 3515 ensures a clean and regular cut in all situations. The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar is equipped with several exclusivities:

  •  Where the discs diverge, the spacing is reduced for a larger knife overlap area. Clean and regular cutting even in short or light forage (A).
  •  Where the discs converge, the spacing is larger to facilitate the flow of forage which is quickly ejected rearwards: the mowing work is not affected (B).
  • Overlap area nearly doubled for improved quality of cut on wet or sticky soils (or in the presence of molehills) or in heavy or flat forage, plant covers harvested in late autumn.
  • A smaller pitch angle: when mowing at a relatively flat angle, it prevents creating typical undulating mowing profiles. This development also promotes a smoother and faster regrowth and easier adjustment of the following machines.
  • New disc bearings with exclusive shape and fastening always ensure that knives are secured in case of shocks while giving them 360-degree freedom of rotation.

In hilly terrain, in wet conditions or sticky grass, soil can build up in front of the cutter bar, except with OPTIDISC ELITE! Its specific skids improve sliding and preserve the sward. Another benefit for forage quality, especially in difficult conditions.

Safe mowing!

NON-STOP safety system combined with LIFT-CONTROL

During the high season, the risk of damaging your mower due to a forgotten obstacle, or even a false manoeuvre, is minimised! Make the most of it! <br />Owing to the NON-STOP ACTIVE safety, the mowing unit rotates rearwards in the event of hitting an obstacle. This pivoting point is far from the first disc, allowing safety to maintain its effectiveness even if the obstacle is hit by the discs. The pressure in the floatation cylinder strongly increases resulting in the mowing unit lifting to clear the obstacle without any damage. The mowing unit then automatically returns to its initial position.

Reliable maximum sustainability

The cutter bar was designed to withstand obstacles. In the event of a very violent impact of a disc against an obstacle, with the PROTECTADRIVE safety system, the shaft supporting the disc shears above the bearing thanks to a calculated shear groove. The toothed wheels are protected. In less than 15 minutes, the machine can be operational again at a very low repair cost.
Bearings are fastened to each side of the cutter bar using long screws. Any risk of bearings coming off in the event of a collision is avoided.
High-end components strengthen the core of the cutter bar.

  • Cutter bar with special double row angular contact ball bearings.
  • Large diameter gearwheels in high precision forged steel with 3 teeth intermeshing.
  • Fully heat treated discs with forged cups.
  • Heat treated steel disc skids which can be fitted with sheet metal lining (screw fastening).

To increase the machine’s service life, rubber mounts are integrated in the cutter bar and the frame. Shocks have less impact on the machine structure during high speed mowing.

Minimum maintenance

Maintenance won’t take all your time.
The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar is an excellent example of the added value created thanks to the close cooperation between manufacturer and farmers. This equipment will save you time owing to:

  • its lubrication for life. Cutter bar maintenance is not required.
  • FAST-FIT quick knife release system, 100% safe. A powerful spring plate provides constant pressure on the knife’s retaining screw for safety. Changing knives only takes a few moments

Maintenance is essentially limited to the drives and a few pivot points, at a very comfortable interval.

The FLEXPROTECT guard: save on repair costs

As an exclusive and to prevent from damaging the mower conditioner when working around the edges of the field or along trees, the FLEXPROTECT guard can bend and then resume its initial shape. It prevents from additional repair costs.


Technical characteristics

FC 3115 D-FFFC 3515 D-FF
Working width (m)3.13.5
Transport height (m)3.433.79
Number of discs with heat treated protection skids78
Disc skid lining2 as standard2 as standard
Blade attachmentFAST-FIT quick releaseFAST-FIT quick release
Cutting height range with standard skids (mm)35 to 6535 to 65
Gear train protection systemPROTECTADRIVE systemPROTECTADRIVE system
Ground followingPendulum articulationPendulum articulation
SuspensionLIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspensionLIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension
Safety breakawayNon-Stop safetyNon-Stop safety
Conditioning systemsteel pivoting fingers - adjustable conditioning plate with 5 position leversteel pivoting fingers - adjustable conditioning plate with 5 position lever
Conditioner speed (min-1)755 or 1000 adjustable by selector lever755 or 1000 adjustable by selector lever
Conditioner driveby gearbox with anti-blocking safetyby gearbox with anti-blocking safety
Overall swath width (min/max) approx. (m)1.45/2.101.85/2.40
Hitch3 point Cat 3N3 point Cat 3N
Setting into transport position126 degree folding126 degree folding
Machine parkingunfolded or folded on additional parking stands available as optionunfolded or folded on additional parking stands available as option
PTO speed (min-1)10001000
Overload protectionas standardas standard
Free wheelintegrated in the side gearboxintegrated in the side gearbox
Theoretical tractor power requirement (kW/hp)50/6862/85
Required tractor hydraulic connections1 DA and 1 SA1 DA and 1 SA
Road lights and signaling on rearas standardas standard
Approx. weight (kg)15701620