Accuracy and large volumes

These EUROMIX mixers have 2 vertical auger, a narrow hopper and feed out via direct side doors. Available in 16, 20 and 22 m3 capacities, these machines are suited to herds of between 80 and 165 cattle.


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Starting at 16 m3, the twin-auger vertical EUROMIX range is perfectly suited for farms with lower buildings, and with capacities up to 22 m3 they are the perfect solution for farmers requiring larger volumes. This modular machine can operate in all building configurations, with distribution options on the front right and/or rear left, via a chute or tilting conveyor. Available with standard direct controls, you can control the entire machine from the tractor cab.

Your Benefits

High mixing quality for optimum rumination!

Loading comfort and accuracy!

The EUROMIX mixer tub geometry was designed to make bucket loading easier. The large opening allows for clean and easy loading – even with larger buckets. Depending on the model, the top part of the EUROMIX tub can be fitted with a reinforced rim or an extension with a cross-section ring, to guarantee a longer machine service life. So even if the machine is hit by the loader, the tub structure will not be damaged.

Exclusive KUHN mixing auger!

The double-pitch angle of the auger enables quick breakdown of feed, no matter how full the machine already is.

To reduce power consumption, the EUROMIX range is equipped with asymmetric knives which have a “self-cleaning” effect and also have a progressive-cutting knife edge for constant torque transfer. The continuous auger helix naturally moves the fodder from the bottom to the top of the tub for even mixing with no forced movements, reducing fuel consumption during the mixing process.

The auger material and design has been selected to provide maximum resistance to wear.

Tried and tested transmission and drive systems!

The machine transmission is made up of a two-stage bearing therefore even during breakdown of a whole bale, stress is absorbed.
The combination of the pre-stressed subframe and the solid auger base provides maximum resistance to the load bearing in the bottom of the machine.
The unit is fitted on a collar which reaches up to approximately half the auger height, thus protecting the transmission from lateral forces exerted on the auger.

High mixing quality for optimum rumination!

For a healthy herd, the ration must be evenly mixed and perfectly distributed, no matter what the levels of dry matter are.

The EUROMIX range’s mixing auger was designed with the chopping performance of long fibres in mind, as well as preserving wetter fodder such as maize silage.

Various configuration options tailor the machine to your needs.

Even quicker chopping and mixing

The EUROMIX tubs are polygonal so as opposed to “rolled” bodies, the tubs have multiple sides. This design greatly improves machine resistance to strain, particularly when breaking down whole bales. This design also saves time when chopping longer forage thus decreasing overall mixing time. The counter-knives are positioned diagonally with respect to the auger axis and mounted from the top, thereby reducing the space between the counter-knife and the auger and increasing the contact surface with the fodder.

Weighing system: choose your level of data

Independent chassis for weighing with the machine unhitched!

Standard on EUROMIX models, large section chassis provide weighing stability and accuracy. The chassis is the main part of the machine and gets put under high levels of stress during loading, transport and unloading phases. The longevity of the weigh cells is guaranteed as they are positioned between the tub and the chassis. It is this design that allows weighing operations to be performed while the machine is unhitched (as the weigh cells are still under stress). The option to fit your machine with a battery kit will allow the weighing system to be powered without being connected to the tractor.

Optional DATA ADVANCE software for Data Transfer

Programming (via cloud communication) from PC or smartphone – Editing of ingredients, rations and feed batches from the weighing terminal – Editing of the number of animals from the weighing terminal – Lists and reports of completed programs with summary of operator discrepancies – Multi-user management (admin – users) – Monitoring with indicator customisation – Data exchange via 3G modem or USB flash drive – Calculation of ration costs and dry matter content – Stock management

With your weighing terminal, choose your digital assistant!

You can choose one of these digital devices to run the solutions offered along with the weighing terminals. You can take your new assistant with you everywhere! You’ll be able to control your mixer weighing system during loading and feeding, but also from your office. – with the indestructible 5,7’’ mobile assistant, you have your weighing system in your pocket! – or the all terrain 8’’ mobile assistant for optimal navigation!

Two different interfaces to fit how you manage your feed-related information

The 2 applications KUHN Datamix VIEW and KUHN Datamix CONTROL are pre-installed on your weighing assistant. You’re bound to have all your needs met with the easy-to-use secondary display unit (KUHN Datamix VIEW) and the application that lets you program and perform all the functions of your mixer’s weighing unit from your assistant (KUHN Datamix CONTROL). You can access all the weighing data within a communication range of 90 m around your machine. The signal is automatically reset when you re-enter the range.- With the KUHN Datamix VIEW, your assistant becomes the secondary display you’ll never leave behind!- with the KUHN Datamix CONTROL, your assistant becomes the control centre for your machine’s weighing system.

Select the feeding system: a lot of possibilities!

Distribution chutes: express delivery!

These distribution chutes allow for quick and simple feed delivery to floor-level feed passages.
Distribution chutes can be fitted upon request at the front right or left, rear right or left, etc. for feed delivery in all types of building configurations, even in buildings with no separate exit. The EUROMIX mixer wagons are fitted with a deflection plate to avoid driving over the ration fed out. The protective canvas prevents fodder being projected beyond the trough.

Tilting conveyors to adapt to all types of troughs

The EUROMIX range can be fitted with a large selection of hydraulically tilting conveyors to deliver feed to troughs or feed bunkers. The PVC tilting conveyors belts come in different lengths. They start up automatically when the door hatch is opened to prevent jamming at the tub outlet. The EUROMIX tilting conveyors are quiet, always clean and easy to service: simply by adjusting the belt tension on a regular basis.


Technical characteristics