Specialists with their size, shape and design!

Discover the wide range of KUHN power tillers from a working width of 1.26 m to 2.30 m. Power tillers excel in creating a quality seedbed in all conditions.


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All of KUHN's vineyards and orchards power tillers have a very compact design for working in narrow row spacings. While the EL 43 power tiller has an exceptionally low profile to pass safely under branches in orchards, the EL 62, 82 and 92 models have a low working width to overall width ratio. KUHN has developed machines that provide quality work while being versatile and recognised for their robustness. Sturdy machines that can be used for a long time mean low operating costs and reduced maintenance operations.

Your Benefits

Multipurpose tools for multiple uses

Improve your soil, shred and incorporate plant debris

KUHN’s EL power tillers are designed to loosen the soil’s surface and crumble it to improve surface water absorption. It is essential to choose the right time to work the soil and adjust the work intensity in order to achieve flawless results and avoid erosion. The helical blades of the KUHN EL power tillers are specially designed to perfectly shred the residues before mixing them into the soil. The shredding of prunings, the incorporation of mulch into the soil or the burial of a permanent cover established during the winter are easily feasible.

Don't give weeds a chance!

During the growing season, weeds are competing with vines and fruit trees for nutrients and water. Spring or summer tillage with an EL power tiller is an ecological alternative to chemical weeding. Soils are preserved while weeds are destroyed.

The rear hood is adapted to all conditions!

The shape of the power tiller rear hood is ideal for a uniform soil flow and to adapt to a variety of conditions: shallow or deep work, dry or humid soil, different volumes of residues. If the rear hood is closed, the soil is recycled to create a finer tilth. In humid conditions or in the presence of plant debris, the machine will be more efficient with the hood more open. The rear hood is mounted on springs for optimal seedbed preparation.

The KUHN asset: robustness and reliability

Large rigid frame

EL 62, 82 and 92 power tillers consist of a large section one-piece casing for high rigidity and for fatigue and shock resistance. The front tube integrated into the casing increases the strength of the assembly and supports the equipment. The EL power tiller headstock have also been carefully designed to make hitching up as easy as possible. Solid and reliable, these components will meet your needs.

Long service life of the rotor driveline

The rotor is driven by hardened steel gearwheels located in the thick-walled side gearbox. The oversized chain with automatic tensioning is fatigue-resistant and lubricated in an oil bath. On the large power tiller models, the rotor drive is ensured by forged and hardened steel gearwheels, mounted on tapered roller bearings for maximum capacity. The lower bearing is equipped with a cassette seal to withstand leakage and contamination in abrasive soils. For the EL 22 power tiller designed for intensive use, the drive is equipped with a torque limiter and the central gearbox is also maintenance-free.

A robust and high-performance central gearbox

On EL 43 and 53 models, the central gearbox is mounted directly on the tiller frame. It is offset, as is the 3-point frame which avoids unfavourable drive angles. This makes it easy to work under trees and along edges.
On EL 62, 82 and 92 power tiller models, the central gearbox is set backward for reduced PTO angles. On the EL 92, the Duplex gearbox offers 4 rotation speeds with the optional gear set to allow the operator to adjust the rotor speed to match the conditions. The EL 62 model also offers a Duplex transmission where two speeds are possible by inverting the gearwheels. The entire driveline is protected by a friction torque limiter.

Unmatched work quality for a compact design

Gradual side offset

The linkage offset possibility allows the power tiller (narrower than the tractor), to erase the wheel tracks on the right side. Offsetting the linkage is easy, by sliding the three tiller frame yokes across, the gearbox moves with the linkage and remains in line with the PTO of the tractor. The machine can be adapted to the varioius situations and ensures perfect stability.

C-blades for optimum tillage

The helical shape of the KUHN blades ensures:
– cutting and mixing of plant residues,
– aggressive penetration into hard soils while requiring less power,
– increased clod crumbling.
The EL 43 power tillers are equipped with four blades per flange and all the other models have six for even finer crumbling. In order to perform shallow work, L-blades are also available for the EL 53 and 92 models.


Technical characteristics

ModelsEL 22-120EL 22-150
Working width (cm/ft)126/4'1''147/4'8''
Transport width (cm/ft)164/5'4''185/6'1''
maximum allowable DIN engine power (kW/hp)19/2519/25
Minimum PTO power requirement 12/1613/18
Transmission with shear bolt safetywith shear bolt safety
Lateral driveby ASA 60 HV chainby ASA 60 HV chain
Rotor speed at 540 (min)241241
Rotor diameter (mm/inches)390/15''390/15''
Min/max working depth (cm/ft)5(0'2'') / 15(0'5'')5(0'2'') / 15(0'5'')
Hitch category0 and 10 and 1
Right hand offset (cm/in)progressively from 0 to 10 /0 to 0'3progressively from 0 to 10 /0 to 0'3
Weight with skids (kg/lbs)153/337167/368