Boost the organic matter in your soil!

Check out KUHN’s EL 162-300 BIOMULCH rotary tiller with a working width of 3 m for shallow work. Change to regenerative agriculture, surface composting, mechanical weeding and bio fumigation with a sustainable rotary tiller!


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The EL 162-300 BIOMULCH rotary tiller will increase the organic matter in your soil and enhance your cover crops. The new EL BIOMULCH rotary tiller is an effective alternative to herbicides for min-till applications and organic farming. It is a highly versatile tillage implement and will contribute to reducing mechanization costs on your farm. KUHN’s EL 162-300 BIOMULCH is both simple and effective. You can work the surface of your plot at up to 10 km/h with 4 front gauge wheels. And forget about issues of smearing with the new 95°curved blades that ensure shallow work across the whole surface area. The hydraulic hood-opening system provides an optimum mix of soil and residues.

Your Benefits

Agriculture is priority!

Optimum working depth control

To guarantee the same depth across the whole working width, the EL BIOMULCH rotary tiller has 4 gauge wheels to ensure optimum stability and uniformity when doing shallow work. High work output is ensured with forward speeds of up to 10 km/h. New blades with a 95° curve have been developed to reduce soil smearing. These new blades have excellent soil/plant-debris mixing capacities to produce fine mulch.

Agriculture is priority

The soil and plant-residue mix, created when you till the top few centimetres of the plot (3 à 6 cm), and also known as surface composting, intensifies the transformation of residues into organic matter. It makes excellent fertiliser for your soil and increases its biodiversity by enriching it with living organisms and compost. The hydraulic adjustment system of the rear hood gives you perfect control of soil crumbling and mixing in any conditions. The 4 front gauge wheels give you control of working depth, on any type of plot, to obtain perfect output. By adopting this innovative cultivation method to make your soil more fertile, carbon is retained more easily in your land as well as in the vegetation, and this reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to decreasing carbon dioxide (CO²) in the atmosphere. In addition, you give your crops great soil conditions and higher resistance to disease and pests.

Designed to respect your soil

Multiple applications

Destroy your cover crops and grassland, plough surface stubble, mix in organic fertiliser… the new EL BIOMULCH rotary tiller is atruly multi-purpose implement. Owing to its multiple usage possibilities, the EL BIOMULCH rotary tiller will quickly become the most versatile tillage machine on your farm.
As an effective alternative to herbicides, the EL BIOMULCH rotary tiller excels in mechanical weeding. With a working depth of 3 to
6 cm, even the toughest weed roots are cut. Weeds are kept under control using fewer inputs. Min-till methods are perfectly compatible with organic farming.

BPR 305 PRO shredder + EL 162-300 BIOMULCH rotary tiller

Put your EL BIOMULCH rotary tiller to work with the BP 305 PRO shredder (front-mounted) to manage extremely dense plant cover.
It’s the perfect combination for destroying mature plant cover. Farmers use this combination in 1 to 1.5 m-high plant cover, no problem. This comprehensive solution also contributes to reducing your carbon footprint as well as your fuel bill and it saves you time by taking care of two operations in one pass.

A Pioneer in innovating techniques

Biofumigation: an innovative method

The new EL BIOMULCH rotary tiller has been designed to mix fresh residues into the soil at shallow depths of 3 to 6 cm, and at working speeds of up to 10 kph. This method produces mulch composed of plant debris and fine soil in the top few centimetres of the plot, and greatly accelerates the decomposition and transformation of plant cover into organic matter. This technique, known as “biofumigation”, boosts the decomposition of cover plants by increasing the rate of organic matter in the soil while preserving biological activity; its the worms in the ground that break the organic matter down and carry it to all of the layers in the soil.

A heavy-duty design

The new EL BIOMULCH rotary tiller is equipped with the DUPLEX gearbox designed for heavy-duty applications. The gear sets can be inverted to adapt rotor speed as required: just-the-right crumbling in any soil type, light or hard. And a torque limiting slip clutch provides maximum protection against impact and excessive loads.


Technical characteristics

ModelsEL 162-300 BIOMULCH
Working width (m)3.00/9'10''
Overall width (m/ft)3.25/10'8''
Attachment3-point, cat.2
Working depth adjustmentby front wheels
Side drive(by gearwheels running in permanent oil bath)
Max. authorized motor power at a PTO speed of 1000min (kW/hp)121/165
PTO safetyFriction slip clutch
PTO speed (min)540/750/1000
Rear PTO shaft
GearboxDUPLEX with 2 sets of gearwheels
Two-piece rear hood
Rear hood adjustmentHydraulically and continuously (standard)
Side separating discs
Working depth, min-max (cm/in)3-6/1.2'' - 2.3''