Robust and compact.

Soil looseners DC soil looseners are efficient and effective at loosening soil.


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DC soil looseners are part of the KUHN tillage range. Efficient and robust, these machines will meet your needs for conventional farming and minimum tillage practices. The DC meets the needs of the operators: working efficiency, simple adjustments, reduced maintenance and longevity of use. This soil loosener is an accurate and reliable agronomic tool, by bringing effective loosening deep down. The DC is a versatile and innovative tool that will allow you to increase your potential yields and optimise your financial income.

Your benefits

A quality agronomic work

Agronomic advantages

The DC soil loosener combines work efficiency and respect for the soil with the wave effect it creates, which effectively loosens the soil without disrupting the surface. The angled point avoids the creation of fine tilth and helps improve the soil structure and moisture retention.
The improved soil structure creates an optimal environment for root development as well as improving the load bearing capacity of the soil.

Use in solo or in combination

The DC can be used in solo or in combination with one or more machines. In solo, you can equip your soil loosener with a roller to control the working depth from 10 to 35 cm. It can be quickly adapted for different uses, from loosening after stubble cultivation to breaking a ploughpan for example.
When using the DC in combination with a power-harrow for example, you will save time and fuel by loosening the soil at depth and preparing your seedbed simultaneously.

Adapability is key

The DC soil loosener can be adapted to your needs. The spacing of the teeth (50 or 70 cm) and the width of the share (45 cm or 28 cm) will allow you to perform shallow and deeper work.
Carbide hard facing has been incorporated into parts such as the tips, wings and the legs. This leads to a very long life, better penetration capacity in hard soils and good working stability. The points and wings can also be equipped with tungsten carbide inserts to ensure maximum service life.

Unlock potential yields

Simple and precise adjustments

The connection between the DC and the rear implement is composed of straight and adjustable lower arms and short top link for easy and quick coupling of the two machines. This geometry creates a well balanced combination.
This system benefits from a centralised adjustment of the working depth and angle, this makes it possible to adapt to all situations.

Points for all applications

The profiled leg on the DC soil loosener has been designed to avoid disturbance of the soil in front of the legs. Its specific angle, combined with the symmetrical positioning of the points and wings, ensures uniform lifting and loosening across the working width.
As an option, a tungsten carbide points and wings are available for maximum wear resistance. It is advisable not to use this option if there are large stones anchored in the soil. Two choices of shares / wings:

  • 280 mm wide for deep work, heavy clay or stony soils
  • 450 mm wide for working depths of less than 25 cm deep, silty, silty clay, clay-limestone soils and lighter land.

Essential and optional equipment

KUHN makes the equipment available to meet your applications.
First of all, the equipment required so you can work in combination with another implement. There’s a choice of coupling arms for HR power-harrows and EL tillers and long transmissions. For working in solo, a Maxicage or Maxipacker roller is required.
Then, In terms of optional equipment, lateral control wheels can increase working stability when used in combination. A complete leg can be added as an option and a hydraulic hose extension may also be required when combined with EL tillers or HR power-harrows or when using a VENTA or INTEGRA type seed drills.

Compact and robust

The DC frame

The range of DC soil looseners have a common central frame consisting of a 160×160 mm beam, and extensions on the 4.00 m machine.
Another advantage of its design is its easy adaptability to implements coupled to the rear of the DC. The rear hooks and the top link are as close as possible to the rear of the DC. This provides a extremely compact machine during transport and manoeuvres. The legs have a shear bolt safety, so they pivot out of the way in the event that an obstacle is encountered.

High capacity front coupling

The triangular design and the large section steel profiles (160×160 mm) provide great robustness. The very robust clevis design and the multiple attachment points offer great capacity in terms of coupling. The attachement is compatible with Category 2 or 3.


Technical characteristics

Working width (m/ft)3.00 / 9’10"4.00 / 13’1”
Transport width (m/ft)2.95 / 9’8” 3.76 / 12’4”
Clearance (cm/inches)80 / 3180 / 31
Number of shares4 or 66 or 8
Share width (cm/inches)28 or 45/11 or 18 depending on equipment required28 or 45/11 or 18 depending on equipment required
Working depth (cm/inches)From 10 to 35 / 4 to 14From 10 to 35 / 4 to 14
Protection against share wearAs standard: Carbide tungsten coating on the leg, share and share point. Optional: share wings fitted with carbide platesAs standard: Carbide tungsten coating on the leg, share and share point. Optional: share wings fitted with carbide plates
Safety on each shareShear bolt safety with anti-wearing bushShear bolt safety with anti-wearing bush
Minimum power requirement when used solo (kW/hp)73/10093/130
Minimum power requirement when used in combination (kW/hp95/130117/160
AttachmentCat. 2 and 3Cat. 2 and 3
Machine weight with parallelogram (kg/lbs)With 4 shares: 785 / 1731 With 6 shares: 865 / 1907With 6 shares: 985 / 2172 With 8 shares: 1035 / 2282
Weight of the Maxicrumbler roller kit (kg/lbs)402 / 886547 / 1206
Weight of the Maxipacker roller kit (kg/lbs)627 / 1382772 / 1702