The flexible mechanical seeding combination

The integrated mechanical seed drills SITERA 3000, SITERA 3500 and SITERA 4000 with a working width from 3.00 to 4.00 m are equipped with the SEEDFLEX seeding unit positioned on 2 offset rows (35 cm apart) and a press wheel as standard. These machines are compatible with the SH 30 small seed hopper.


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The COMBILINER SITERA is characterised by its exceptional versatility! Performing well when seeding on ploughed land or min-tilled land, the SEEDFLEX coulter bar ensures high quality seeding in all circumstances. The COMBILINER SITERA is precise owing to the HELICA metering unit with volumetric flutes that is not affected by vibrations. It is also simple to use with the centralised depth adjustment and the seed drill ground following is controlled by the power harrow roller.

Your Benefits

Fast and precise seeding in all conditions

The masterpiece of your seed drill: the SEEDFLEX coulter bar

COMBILINER SITERA multi-purpose mechanical seeding combinations are equipped with double-disc SEEDFLEX seeding units placed in two rows (35cm offset) for precise and fast seeding. The SEEDFLEX coulter bar ensures unparalleled seeding accuracy, easy passage in all soil conditions, and exceptional seeding performance in both ploughing and min-tilled land. The large clearance of 35 cm facilitates the passage in the presence of plant debris and in difficult conditions. The ground pressure ensures exceptional stability of the seeding units and the press wheels allow the control of the seeding depth row by row by promoting the soil/seed contact for a quick and dynamic emergence. The opening angle of the discs is reduced in order to avoid soil disturbance and to facilitate furrow closing even at high groundspeed. With the SEEDFLEX coulter bar, you give each seed a chance to succeed!

Seed drill guided by the roller

It is not necessary to intervene on the settings of the coulter bar when changing the working depth of the tillage tool. These two elements are completely independent of each other. The roller ensures the stability and ground following is optimized in stony conditions. The power harrow is free to shift when encountering an obstacle.

We offer a precise application rate

The HELICA distribution

The HELICA distribution flutings of the SITERA mechanical seeder ensures perfect positioning and application rate control regardless of the size and shape of the seed. HELICA is an accurate and reliable distribution system throughout the seeding campaigns. Volumetric metering flutings from 1.5 kg to 450 kg, irrespective of the terrain of your field. Insensitive to vibration, the HELICA distribution respects the seeds of all sizes and shapes.

A reliable drive and an application rate fully respected

The seed application rate is adjusted by a single micrometric screw opening the flutings. Result: an extremely precise adjustment for a constant application rate. With the COMBILINER SITERA mechanical seed drill you improve the regularity of low seed rate seeding, such as oilseed rape, thanks to the already integrated “small seed” grooves and you change seeds at a glance and without having to manipulate the distribution.

Improve your ease of use

A hopper that increases your autonomy

With a maximum capacity of 1480 litres, the hopper of the SITERA mechanical seeding combination reduces downtime during seeding operations and avoids untimely reloads. You can seed up to 7 hectares of wheat without having to stop to reload the seed drill. It’s an exceptional time saver! Loading by bucket or big bag is facilitated by the large clearance of the hopper lid which opens at 110 °. The assistance provided by the gas cylinders facilitates the opening of the hopper of the 4.00 m model. in addition, you benefit from a hopper that empties completely and properly as you progress through its V-bottom.

Easier manoeuvres

The standard hydraulic top link reduced overhang during transport and manoeuvres. In practice you have numerous benefits such as the higher clearance for headland turns and the possibility to lift the coulter bar in areas you wish to work without seeding.


Technical characteristics

ModelsSITERA 3000SITERA 3500SITERA 4000
Working width (m/ft)3.00/9'10"3.43/11'3" / 3.38/11'1"4.00/13'
Number of rows20/2424/2728/32
Spacing (cm/in)15/12.514.3/12.514.3/12.5
Hopper capacity, approx. (l)780 (1,080 with extension)900 (1,250 with extension)1,080 (1,480 with extension)
Application rate (kg/ha)1.5 to 4501.5 to 4501.5 to 450
Metering unit driveper variator and fluted cells with opening adjustable by micrometric screwper variator and fluted cells with opening adjustable by micrometric screwper variator and fluted cells with opening adjustable by micrometric screw
Number of disengageable metering units 2x52x52x5
Seeding unitsSEEDFLEX with offset double discs and press wheelSEEDFLEX with offset double discs and press wheelSEEDFLEX with offset double discs and press wheel
Central seeding depth adjustment
Left side half width shut off
Covering harrow(tramlining tines adjustable in pressure and angle)(tramlining tines adjustable in pressure and angle)(tramlining tines adjustable in pressure and angle)
Lighting and signaling equipment StandardStandardStandard
Weight (kg/lbs)1,015/2,240 / 1,100/2,4251,310/2,890 / 1,370/3,0201,485/3,27 / 1,570/3,460