When precision is synonymous with cost saving

The integrated mechanical seed drills INTEGRA 3003 and INTEGRA 4003 with a working width of 3.00 and 4.00 m are fitted with Suffolk or double disc coulters. They have a capacity of up to 1200 l and feature the HELICA distribution system.


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Robust, compact and with great autonomy, the COMBILINER INTEGRA meets your competitiveness and profitability requirements while providing you with unparalleled seeding precision. The KUHN HELICA distribution with helical volumetric flutes, meters seed precisely from 1.5 to 450 kg/ha, irrespective of the ground contours. The seeding system is guided by the roller for even greater results. To meet your requirements and conditions, the INTEGRA mechanical seed drill is available in double-disc or Suffolk coulter version.

Your Benefits

Precise seed positioning

Suffolk coulters: cost effective

Placed on two rows with a clearance of 34 cm, they offer quality work even in the presence of large quantities of plant residues and ensure regular seeding depth. The profiled Suffolk coulters accurately guide the seeds in the furrow, even in stony conditions. The ground pressure is adjustable up to a maximum of 22 kg per coulter and the anti-blockage flap prevents blockages when the drill is lowered.

Double discs: versatility

Cultivation methods evolve more and more towards minimum tillage methods. Disc coulters are versatile: for seeding in plant residues or on ploughed land, no problem, their performance stand out! With a ground pressure of up to 35 kg, the discs are not affected by soil unevenness and allow a high seeding speed, even in difficult terrain. A good choice for farmers who want to reduce tilled areas without investing in a seed drill specialized in min-till seeding. Disc seed drills with small diameter press wheels are an asset for germination. They contribute to a constant seeding depth in highly heterogeneous terrain. In wet and sticky situations, the wheels can be retracted or can be removed. Disassembly is done without tools.

Precise positioning and easy settings

The COMBILINER INTEGRA has two means of controlling the seeding depth: by a low stop for a maximum depth adjustment on all rows, if not by modulation of the ground pressure (spring tension). This means a higher groundspeed with good ground pressure without deviating from the desired seeding depth. The precise positioning of the seed is ensured, even in heavy or irregular soils. Simple and centralised at the rear of the machine, these settings are comfortable and quickly executed thanks to a crank. An indexing allows viewing the settings and thus facilitates machine use. The covering harrow with trailing universal tines, mounted on a parallelogram, is adjustable in pressure and angle. In this way, the harrow adapts to each type of soil and to the volume of residues in order to ensure a perfect seedbed finish. The ground pressure is based on the type of soil encountered. An indexing indicates the pressure level.

Precise and regular seed application rate

Perfectly controlled HELICA distribution

The application rate is adjusted by a single micrometric screw opening the flutings. HELICA’s helical volumetric fluting distribution answers your questions regarding application rate accuracy and evenness. This volumetric system is field-proven and will satisfy all your requirements, even when you sow on sloping or hilly terrain. This distribution system is accurate and reliable, throughout a day of seeding. Application rate by volumetric from 1.5 to 450 kg/ha (the latter application rate is only valid for peas and beans with a distance of 12.5 cm) irrespective of the terrain, the hopper filling level or the groundspeed. The flutings are insensitive to vibrations, they respect the seeds of all sizes and shapes. For fine seed, the machine incorporates a specific “small seed” fluting. To adapt to the possible sprayer widths, the seed drill is pre-equipped with 10 distribution units (5 per side) which can be disengaged to enable many tramline configurations.

Fast distribution speed adjustment

The oil-bath gearbox of the INTEGRA seed drill shows exceptional robustness and reliability without requiring maintenance. With 6 speeds indexed, it is easily adjustable by a simple lever.

The simplest calibration and emptying of the market!

Flow control is done directly. A lever tilts the coulter bar downwards and frees a large space to place the calibration trough The seeds fall directly into the tray during calibration or emptying of the residual seed which can be done by half or over the entire seed drill width. The withdrawal of the tray is also simply done. With the MDC metering modulation, the operator can adjust the application rate during work by 5%, 10% or 15% and on a range of +/-60%. It is fully compatible with the HECTOR 3000 control box.

A seed drill independent from the power harrow

A beneficial structure

Opt for a more regular seeding with COMBILINER INTEGRA integrated mechanical seed drills: the coulter bar is guided by the roller for improved ground following. The power harrow is free to shift upwards in case of obstacles (stony conditions) for increased protection. The vibrations of the harrow does not disturb the seed drill to ensure its resistance to wear. Adjustment changes on the tillage tool do not affect those of the coulter bar. The tillage tool and seed drill can be uncoupled in a few minutes. A hydraulic top link for raising the seeding unit is available as optional equipment. It provides additional advantages: in transport position, it transfers the weight back to the tractor to increase the combination’s stability on roads and the seed drill rests on 4 support points that effectively support the chassis during transport. You also have the opportunity to work temporarily with the harrow, while the seeder is raised and stopped.

Easy loading

With the hopper of the COMBILINER INTEGRA seed drill, you will find an ideal ally to reach high work output. The capacity of 600 to 800 l for models of 3.00 and 4.00 m respectively can be extended up to 1200 l with an extension Its large capacity greatly reduces the downtime of reloads. The hopper offers an opening of 70 cm wide thanks to its large dimensions and the deflector formed by the lid. Loading is facilitated, especially by big-bags and bucket. The V-hopper bottom promotes the descent of the seeds, reduces the residual dose and ensures regular feeding of the distributions.


Technical characteristics

Working width (m/ft)3.00 / 9'10''4.00 / 13'2''
No of rows20 or 2428 or 32
Row spacing (cm/in)15 or 12.5 / 5.9'' or 4.9''14.3 or 12.5 / 5.6 or 4.9''
Hopper capacity (l)600 (900 or 1,200 with extension)800 (1,200 with extension)
Application rate by fluted wheels (kg/ha)1.50 to 4501.50 to 450
Gearboxwith 6 disengageable gears, continuous selection by lever with 6 disengageable gears, continuous selection by lever
No of disengageable fluted wheels 1010
Seeding unitsSuffolk coulters or double discs (over two rows)Suffolk coulters or double discs (over two rows)
Press wheels for disc coulters--
Offset between front and rear row (cm/in)34 / 13.4''34 / 13.4''
Centralized coulter pressure and depth control by lower stop(by lever)(by lever)
Left side half-width shut off--
Covering harrow(universal tines adjustable in pressure and angle)(universal tines adjustable in pressure and angle)
Control boxHECTOR 3000: daily and total hectare counter; seed level and metering unit speed monitoring; tramlining controlHECTOR 3000: daily and total hectare counter; seed level and metering unit speed monitoring; tramlining control
MDC application rate control(GPS compatible) (GPS compatible)
Lighting and signaling--
Parking stand--
Loading platform and steps--
Vertical side markers--
Pre-emergence markers --
Hydraulic top link--
Weight (kg/lbs) with suffolk coulters and 24 rows9051,115