KUHN factories in Europe
  • KUHN SAS (Saverne, France)Grass harvesting: disc mowers (KUHN is the world’s leading manufacturer of disc mower cutter bars), mounted and trailed mower conditioners, tedders and rakes.
    Soil preparation, seeding, fertilisation and shredding: power tillers, power harrows, fertiliser spreaders, pneumatic seed drills, mechanical seed drills.
    Foundry: CONTIFONTE SAS, independent division of KUHN SAS that produces cast iron parts in continuous casting intended for all business sectors excluding the auto industry.
  • KUHN MGM (Monswiller & Marmoutier, France)Monswiller: the site is dedicated to the assembly of large machines. It includes a warehouse, a cataphoretic and powder paint facility and eight assembly lines.
    Marmoutier: mechanized welding workshop that supplies the other 2 sites in undercarriages and other structural parts.
  • KUHN-HUARD SAS (Châteaubriant, France)Located in Châteaubriant (Loire Atlantique, France), this site is specialized in the design and manufacture of ploughs, stubble cultivation tools, soil looseners and precision seed drills.
  • KUHN-BLANCHARD SAS (Chéméré, France)This site in Chéméré (Loire Atlantique, France) is fully dedicated to the design and manufacture of a complete range of spraying tools used in agriculture, specialized cultivations and green spaces.
  • KUHN-AUDUREAU SAS (La Copechagnière, France)Located in the Vendée region (La Copechagnière, France), this factory is specialized in the design and manufacture of tools for livestock farming (silage feeders, mixer feeder wagons, straw blowers, etc) and landscape maintenance.
  • ARTEC PULVÉRISATION SAS (Corpe, France)Based in Corpe in the Vendée region (France), ARTEC specializes in the design and manufacture of self-propelled sprayers for crop protection intended for large farms.
  • KUHN-GELDROP (Geldrop, Netherlands)Factory located close to Eindhoven (Netherlands), specialized in the design and manufacture of balers, wrappers, drum mowers and tedder-rake combinations.
KUHN factories in America
  • KUHN NORTH AMERICA, Inc. (Brodhead WI, USA)In Brodhead (Wisconsin-USA): factory specialized in the manufacture of hay and forage tools, TMR mixers and feeders and manure spreaders of large capacity for North-American farms.
  • KUHN KRAUSE (Hutchinson, KS, USA)In Hutchinson (Kansas – USA). Site specialized in the design and manufacture of tillage tools and strip till tools for tractors up to 550 hp, as well as grain drills.
  • KUHN DO BRASIL Passo Fundo (Passo Fundo, Brazil)Facility located in Passo Fundo (RS – Brazil) specialized in the design and manufacture of direct precision seeding equipment.
  • KUHN DO BRASIL Sao Jose dos Pinhais (São José dos Pinhais, Brazil)Production unit based in Sao José dos Pinhais (Parana – Brazil) specialized in the design and manufacture of self-propelled sprayers and fertiliser spreaders, air-blast sprayers and trailed or mounted sprayers.
  • KUHN KHOR LTDA (Turapendi, Brazil)Established in Turapendi in the region of Rio Grande do Sul, the KUHN KHOR site mainly produces trailers for agricultural use such as chaser bins.
KUHN subsidiaries in Europe
  • KUHN Farm Machinery UK Ltd (Telford, United Kingdom)
  • KUHN Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH (Schopsdorf, Germany)
  • KUHN Italia s.r.l (Melegnano, Italy)
  • KUHN Ibérica S.A. (Huesca, Spain)
  • KUHN Center Ireland (Cork, Ireland)
  • KUHN Maszyny Rolnicze sp. Z0.0. (Poznan, Poland)
  • KUHN-UKRAINE (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • KUHN Vostok, Ltd, (Voronej, Russia)
  • KUHN Mezögazdasagi Gép Kft, (Kecskemét, Hungary)
KUHN subsidiaries in America
  • KUHN Farm Machinery, Inc. (Ste-Madeleine QC, Canada)
KUHN subsidiaries in Asia
  • KUHN Tianjin Farm Machinery Ltd., (Tianjin, R.P. China)
KUHN subsidiaries in Oceania
  • KUHN Farm Machinery Pty. Ltd. (Victoria, Australia)