KUHN GA 7631 Twin-Rotor Rake Is Handling Irish Crop With Ease

The KUHN GA 7631 Twin-Rotor Rake is proving a successful purchase for Roscommon Contractor Kenneth Harrington. This Twin-Rotor Rake stands out from competing models. Its outstanding robustness, reliability and exceptional ground following are all key features that make this machine so popular.
Its MASTERDRIVE GIII Gearbox is designed to ensure reliability and durability even in the most challenging conditions. The Irish crop tends to be very heavy, but this is not an issue for the GA 7631 Twin-Rotor Rake. Swath formations are clean thanks to its double-curved arms. This feature reduces the distance between tine passes allowing for raking at higher speeds. The neat swath formation ensures faster drying and makes it easier for the baler/harvester to pick up. This leads to higher-quality forage for winter feeding.
Protecting the ground is an essential aspect of silage-making. The KUHN GA 7631 Rake achieves less ground pressure thanks to its perfect rotor adaptation. This helps protect the ground and plant stubble promoting clean raking for higher-quality forage. The ground is undamaged, encouraging faster regrowth for the second and third cuts.
Hydraulic work width and windrow width adjustment come as standard. The KGA 01S electronic control box is available to control individual rotor lift to prevent damaging rows and individual hydraulic adjustment of raking height.

Kenneths Verdict

“I find the KUHN GA 7631 Twin Rotor Rake unbelievably smooth and silent. Its suspension and ground following are exceptional on uneven ground! Its MASTERDRIVE GIII gearbox can easily handle the heavy Irish crop, which helps speed our work up when under pressure. This gearbox requires very little maintenance and is extremely reliable. Its hydraulic cut-off valves used instead of mechanical stops are a nice touch as the rake never fights against itself on the headlands. Its hyper-tangential tine arms provide cleaner raking making it easier for pick-up. This feature allows us to work faster and we don’t have to worry about breaking any tines. The rake is very compact and is easily transported on roads and through narrow gaps. We are delighted with the KUHN GA 7631 Twin-Rotor Rake and glad we chose KUHN.”


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