KARL, our autonomous solution for crop production

Move up to a milestone of agriculture.

It is a fact that autonomous machines will play a major role in the future of agricultural machinery, hence KUHN is working on a solution to overcome the already challenging workforce shortages. Our answer to the issue is KARL, our prototype solution.

KARL is more than a robot pulling or pushing agricultural tool. Our vision is that the implement is driving the power unit.

An autonomous solution

KARL carries out work without human intervention. Once the plot has been delimited, the operator creates a work mission, places KARL in the plot, adjusts the work parameters and starts the mission which then runs automatically.


The driver is the tool

Ultimately, the result is a successful cultivation operation within an optimal working window, for example the right tillage depth, the adequate seed application rate or even regular and fine shredding of residue. The tool linked to KARL transmits the information necessary for proper work performance and KARL adjusts its parameters to carry out work adapted to different soil and vegetation. In the applications possible with KARL’s assistance, we started with tillage and more precisely with the power harrow but there will be many more. Furthermore, KARL is already perfectly capable of detecting certain malfunctions and implements corrective actions independently.



Adapted to all farms

With a power of 175hp, KARL is designed to meet the demands of most farm sizes, whether medium or large. How? By the flexibility offered by working in fleet. Adding a second or even a third KARL vehicle can be carried out during the mission to increase work output tenfold. It’s very easy to do from the system’s mobile application.

No need to be a geek farmer to use KARL as it’s interface is intuitive. Using KARL is as easy as using a PC for your FMIS or a smartphone app.

Preserving soil potential

Our most precious resource being the soil, KARL’s limited size and weight, as well as its tracks of different sizes, limit ground pressure and thus minimize compaction. Less compaction means less runoff, improved soil life and preserved root development potential. When KARL is equipped for seeding or planting operations, it will also implement the latest technologies such as variable rate application to maximize potential and deliver the right quantity in the right place.

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