Intuitive operation for full control of your baler-wrapper combination

A baler-wrapper combination is a complex machine that performs a series of simultaneous actions. The intake of the crop, baling, binding, bale transfer and wrapping. As the operator, you want to closely monitor all these processes and make adjustments where necessary. In the simplest and clearest way possible. After all, you want to focus on your main task of creating perfect bales. To facilitate this, KUHN offers the PROCESS VIEW user interface.  

The system is supplied as a standard feature on all VBP and FBP baler-wrapper combinations. It is ISOBUS compatible, so it can be displayed on a KUHN ISOBUS terminal, the tractor terminal or an ISOBUS terminal on another machine. 

No complicated menus

The idea behind PROCESS VIEW is to provide quick and clear access to all the necessary data. As there are no complicated menus, the system is intuitive to use. The terminal sends messages to the operator using visual and audible signals. Throughout the baling process, the operator can decide whether to perform a process manually or automatically. PROCESS VIEW uses colour codes to indicate the current status of the baler and wrapper combination: green means active, flashing green means the machine is waiting for the next step, while red indicates a malfunction. If necessary, each process step can be paused. 

Cameras as an extra tool

PROCESS VIEW gives the operator a clear view of what the machine is doing during each step. From intake to baling, from binding to bale transfer and finally wrapping the bales. The moisture percentage and bale weight parameters can be displayed on the screen. This data is generated by a moisture sensor and a bale weighing system (if present) respectively. The left-right indicator, which gives instructions to ensure the bales are filled consistently and evenly on both sides, is also visible in the cab. For even greater control over baling and wrapping, all VBP and FBP models can be equipped with cameras. The camera system is supplied with a separate monitor. As an option, the images can also be displayed on a CCI 1200 terminal.   

See it in action?

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