Solutions for all Agriculture

Founded in 1828, the KUHN brand has established itself as a reference in agricultural machinery.

The KUHN Group, world leader in agricultural equipment, designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of innovative and quality agricultural machinery and services.

More than 2000 international patents have been registered by the KUHN Group to offer the agricultural world ever more innovative solutions.

Our range of equipment distributed in more than 100 countries is intended for crop management, forage production, livestock and landscape maintenance.

Discover now all our range of agricultural equipment.

Mowing must combine quantity and quality of forage. In addition to intervening at the right stage, it is important to adapt the mower settings to preserve the feed value of the harvested forage and not to damage the grassland. Tedding helps to optimise the quality of the forage. Raking must be done very carefully to avoid deteriorating the quality of the forage and its yield. Perfectly wrapped bales combined with a high output and outstanding durability guarantee KUHN wrappers to be a profitable investment. From mowing to wrapping, master every shade of green. Trust the leader who has been innovating for over 190 years to preserve the feed value of your forage. Read more

The KUHN livestock range produces the perfect mixed ration for your livestock, guaranteeing a quality feed. Ensuring quality mixing of the different ingredients in the ration as well as distribution managed by the weighing device, this range is developed to offer working comfort and time savings. For many years, KUHN solutions have offered farmers throughout the world all the benefits of a mixed ration to improve their livestock’s technical, nutritional and economic performance. Read more

The KUHN range for landscape and road maintenance is made up of flail mowers, verge mowers and brush cutters designed to accommodate different shredding heads. Designed to meet the needs of landscape and road maintenance professionals, this range also offers multi-purpose distributors that ensure a homogeneous distribution of the product even at low application rates. Read more

Our purpose is to always provide you with the best machinery and equipment, so you can keep producing in the best conditions and take advantage of the latest technological innovations available. As a founding member of CCI (ISOBUS Competence Center), and also as a member of the AEF (Agricultural Electronics Foundation), we are committed to defining and developing the ISOBUS standard in collaboration with equipment manufacturers to provide you with the best in electronics. As a DKE partner, we are also one of the founding members who contributed to the development of agrirouter: a universal platform for data exchange between machines, terminals and agricultural software solutions of different brands. Discover all KUHN electronics & connected solutions that enable you to manage your operation as efficiently as possible. Read more